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Aug 14, 2006 01:33 AM

Lobster Birthday Dinner Twin Cities

So my birthday is coming up and Paz and I are going out for a baby-free dinner, and I want lobster. We are willing to pay for it, but I want to know where to go. We are considering Oceanaire, McCormick and Schmick (do they have it?), and any other suggestions folks can come up with.

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  1. For me personally, I recommend a Chinese slant - Shuang Cheng for lobster. You can order it plain steamed, with black bean sauce, lobster (New York) sauce, or ginger and garlic sauce. And it won't break your pocketbook either.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: bluesman13

      Is this the same Shuang Cheng that's in Dinkytown? I know local 'hounds rave about the place, but seriously, the several times I've been there it's been one of worst Chinese food experiences of my life: broken rice served slightly dry and crunchy, vegetables either canned or overcooked beyond recognition, and the sauces gummy and sugary and oily. Maybe it's just me. I know every resto has something on the menu to avoid. Maybe I'm hitting it every time with Shuang Cheng.

      1. re: Loren3

        If you ever saw TDQ's post on one-dish wonders, I think Shuang Cheng might qualify; not one dish, but few dishes: spicy squid (or something like that), lobster, and a few others I can't remember.

    2. I have had the Chinese food route, and that is not what I am looking for here: it's my birthday, and I want steamed lobster with butter, period.
      Thanks for the suggestion though.

      1. The online menu for Manny's Steak House lists Australian lobster tails for $125. I've never had one but I've seen them go past my table. They are *large*. Let us know where you end up going.

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        1. re: plautus

          only the tail for over $100?! I was hoping for the whole thing for about $50. I love the claws.
          Any opinions on Oceaniare, Kincaid's, Frosts?

          1. re: AliceS

            I'm with you on that one. At $125 per tail, it's almost worth it to just fly to Maine for dinner.

        2. Folks-

          Oceanaire, McCormick & Schmick; Kincaids are all national chains, please continue discussion of them on the Chains board. Please feel free to discuss non-chain restaurants that serve lobster on this thread.


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          1. re: The Chowhound Team

            Actually, Oceanaire is a Minneapolis original that has subsequently opened a small number of branches in other cities.

            That said ... I was at Oceanaire a few years ago. They will definitely give you the full-service lobster with drawn butter experience. It's excellent. My only advice is to order any appetizers, salads, or side dishes as half-orders or appetizer-size portions. Our waiter was very accomodating in keeping portions small, as it is easy to be overwhelmed before you even get to your entree.

            1. re: The Chowhound Team

              I am sure this will get deleted, but I have to say it anyway: even though these places are chains, I am looking for something specific: lobster in the Twin Cities, and not "information about these chains." I am requesting advice from people in my area about what the best option is for lobster here, and if it is a chain, that is fine, but I don't think I can get the advice I need from someone on a nationwide board.
              I guess if you want to repost this to the site talk board, that is fine.

              1. re: AliceS

                To clarify:

                Short answers recommending chains in response to a local query are fine. If someone wants to respond to this thread suggesting that there are local outlets of national chains that serve lobster, that's okay.

                But specific questions about chains (like 'Does M&S serve lobster?') belong on the chains board, as does any in depth discussion of any chain's menu.

                It may mean that to get a complete answer to your questions, you have to create more than one thread on more than one board. It's not entirely convenient, but it helps keep things organized for future hounds hunting for information.

            2. Chains are chains regardless of their origin. You will get accurate commentary on the chains board because consistancy is the life blood of a chain.

              Sea Salt rolls out the whole lobster now and again. I called them a moment ago and right now they're running Dungeness. They'll return to the east coast when they feel like it. Coastal is sellin them for $16.99 a pound. They recommended Stella's in Uptown, which is a one off restaurant operated by the Parsole group. Sort of the in between status when it comes to the chain designation. They also favorably mentioned Oceanaire. Do I go to bat or what???

              The home cooking board is an option. If you can do this on a Thursday night, I think there might be a private chef available, but this wouldn't be the place to solicit business and they're not cheap....