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Aug 14, 2006 01:32 AM

Fresh figs?

If I'm not mistaken, we're getting close to fig season, or we're there already. Where can I find some fresh ones, preferably for a reasonable price?

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  1. Yes, the figs are here. Saw very nice ones on 30th Avenue in Astoria just east of 31st Street if heading towards Ditmars Blvd. Unfortunately, they were only selling the Mission figs right now, not any Calimyrna yet. They looked nice though, big. One place had them for as little as $10 for a case and the other fruitstand had a larger case for a few dollars more.

    In Manhattan, you'll pay more and get less. You can try possibly the Manhattan Fruit Exchange in the Chelsea Market, or try possibly even the street vendors. Soon, every produce department everywhere will have figs. Your craving might be a little premature, so just wait it out a little bit more (a week or two at most). There'll be local figs to be had too. Sit tight.

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      Thanks, I'll wait it out. Just wanted to be sure I didn't miss them...

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        I have never seen figs at Union Square. Who sells them?

        1. re: laguera

          I updated my post NOT to include Union Square because I could not remember who the vendor was. Maybe Fantasy Fruit? I don't want to mislead anybody.

      2. Stew Leonards in Yonkers has some of the best I have seen.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I've seen them (but not bought yet so can't vouch for quality though usually produce is reliable here) at Fairway (Broadway and 74th St) for around 4.99 a pint (both black and green), and at some local street vendors (I live on the UES) for 2.99 a pint(black only, looked slightly overripe). If memory serves, Agata and Valentina (79th and 1st Ave) also has both Mission and green (Kadota??) for 4.99.