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Recommendations on the Hill?

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Will be in St. Louis next week for a week, staying near Forest Park. I hear the Italian food on the Hill is the best. Any recommendations?

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  1. My favorite place on the Hill is Gian-Tony's at 5356 Daggett. It isn't as touristy as some other places. The food is always very good as is the service.

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      You may want to veer slightly from the Hill and go to Trattoria Marcella instead. Many, many mentions on this board over the years--do a search. Or take a look at the Sauce Magazine listing: http://www.saucemagazine.com/drill.ph... and the review that is linked on that page. Here's TM's website: http://www.trattoriamarcella.com/

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        I will second Gian-Tony's IF you want to eat on The Hill.

        Amighetti's sandwiches are awesome, so it Missouri Baking Company. Stay away from Cunnettos, they give you a ton of pasta, so if strapping on the feed bag for hours at a time and then get comatose from the pasta is your thing, then by all means go to Cunetto's. Zia's is OK. Oh, and stay away from Rigazzi's if you want real Italian food, the food is terrible, but the beer glasses are huge. I used to like Favazza's but they have gone down hill too. Trattoria Marcella is actually the best Italian in town.

      2. I whole-heartedly second Trattoria Marcella. However, if you are set on The Hill proper, I would suggest Lorenzo's Trattoria.

        Please, don't let anyone talk you into going to Rigazzi's.

        1. I second Trattoria Marcella as well. I truly love the Hill, particularly Gian Tony's, Zia's and Cunetto's but TM is the consummate dining experience for reasonable $$. The flash fried spinach is a must do. Mmmmmmmm. Bon Appetit'

          1. The Missouri Bakery has some pretty good Italian pastries and is located in the Hill area.

            Missouri Baking Co
            2027 Edwards St
            St Louis, MO
            (314) 773-6566

            1. If you're looking for lunch while on the Hill, be sure to hit Amighetti's (5141 Wilson Avenue). Get the "Amighetti's Special" sandwich. The house salad is good with it. Eat in the courtyard. Have their gelato for dessert. At this point, you'll need some exercise---walk to nearby Digregorio's Italian Foods (5200 Daggett Ave) for some edible souveniers (and some decent wines).

              1. Modesto Spanish Tapas. It is brilliant. I know the hill is known for its Italian but this is worth the visit. On monday they have flaminco dancers sometimes wednesday. If you can check and go on that night. You will enjoy it no matter what. Plus my wife and I went ate and drank all we wanted and the bill was around 55, 60 tops. I do not have the address. Modesto is a popular place. If taking a cab or hotel shuttle they will know where it is, or just get to the area and ask. The hill is not that big. Enjoy

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                  Modesto is very nice. It's best with several friends so you can try a lot of different tapas. Our group of five tried about 14 plates and two bottles of wine. They do have large dishes, like paella, if you are not into lots of little things. It was all good.

                2. You should head to Milo's Bocce Garden on Wilson across the street from St. Ambrose Church. Grab a beer (I like their Milo's ale), maybe a serving of toasted ravoli (not my favorite, but hey, this is the Hill, right?). Then get on the Bocce Court and play like you mean it.

                  1. Trattoria Marcella is very good. We had a great caesar salad and one of the best roast chicken dishes. We had grilled salmon that was great. The service was very friendly. Actually, the only place on the Hill or in the area that the service was less than friendly was Rigazzi's. And that was years and years ago.
                    What is Zia'a like? We haven't been there. Some of the grocery stores in KC are selling their salad dressing.

                    1. Trattoria Marcella has steadily declined over the years as the size of the restaurant has grown at a disproportianate pace to the size and skill of the kitchen.

                      It's still about your best Italian bet in the city, however.