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Aug 14, 2006 01:02 AM

Best cafes in Vienna for pastry and coffee

That's the main question. My husband will be in Vienna August 23rd on, for work, and would like suggestions. Also, can you recommend Viennese foods that can be brought back, are legal to bring aboard (not fresh fruit and veg., not meats, etc.) and won't be ruined in travel?


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  1. Last time I was in Vienna, I brought back a Sacher torte from the Hotel Sacher that I was singularly unimpressed with. I think it is one of those things that you either like or you don't. The chocolate/apricot liqueur from Sachers was a different story however-it was outstanding. I'm not sure in this current security climate you could even get home with it though. I got some cheese sticks from Demels that I was crazy about so I gave a package to my mother; she tried one and gave the entire package back to me. It is hard to predict what somebody else might like. There is a chocolate store near Demel's that sells these little tiny chocolates that are wonderful for gifts but the name escapes me. If another hound does not come up with it in a day or two, I will dig through my paperwork and find it.

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      Are you talking about Altmann&K├╝hne ? They have these wonderful small boxes filled with tiny chocolates (

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        Yes, thank you Sturmi--that is what I was trying to remember! Very helpful staff as well.

    2. Cafe Landtmann has delicious cakes and pastries; they're next to the Burgtheater, at Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 4.
      About a million chocolate shops on Stephansplatz / Kartnerstrasse.
      The (gourmet) Julius Meinl market at the end of Graben is a good place to look for foods to bring back; it's also probably more reasonably priced than anything in a one-kilometer radius.
      It's the end of apricot season in Austria, so little apricot jams or such would be worth bringing back for gifts.

      1. Meinl is a great place--it's where I do my shopping for gifts to bring back home.

        I prefer the Imperial Torte rather than the Sacher Torte. You can get them at the cafes at the Hotel Bristol and Hotel Imperial--to eat there or take home in gift boxes.

        Fav cafes are Griensteidl, Landtmann, Pruckl. There is another posting for Vienna fine dining that I just posted to. Look there for other suggestions.