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Aug 14, 2006 12:30 AM

Help for casual but chow-worthy in the Mall area

I'm a typical tourist visiting for a weekend by myself and would like to sample some casual chow-worth eats in the Mall area. No car - just the feet and taxi. Suggestions?

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  1. "The Mall" is a pretty big area, and particularly if you are willing to hop in a cab, all of DC is pretty accessible to you.

    That said, the first place that came to mind is Bistro D'oc, at 10th and F, across the street from the Ford's Theatre (itself certainly worth a stop on the tourist trail...). Reasonably priced but top-quality French bistro food, all prepared and served with enthusiasm. I really like this place.

    Chinatown and Penn Quarter--both brimming with restaurants--are also within a decent walk of the mall. Some standouts there: Full Kee, Zaytinya, La a search for Penn Quarter and you'll find other recs as well.



    1. Definitely visit the cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. Large selection of well-prepared, interesting dishes.

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        I second this recommendation, but it pricey. But for museum cafeteria food--it sure is good! I think their fried plaintains are the best I've ever had. Last time I was there, they even had quail!

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          Thansk for the tip on the American Indian Museum. I had lunch and thought it was wonderful. Lot's of selections and very fresh, homecooked! Thanks again!!!

        2. Jaleo for Spanish tapas is sublime and near the museums and reasonably priced. Many, many posts and recs on what to order if you do a search.

          1. All are good recommendations. For something completely chow-y I recommend Chinatown Express, on 6th around the corner from H. It's the one with the man making noodles in the front window. The best dumplings in Washington (other than the dumplings and homemade noodle dishes, I am not crazy about the other food). Dumplings, either steamed or fried, are $4.95 for ten. The soup buns are also great (steamed dumplings with liquid inside). 4 can eat for $20

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              I concur with Chinatown Express. About once a week, my husband stops by there on his way home from work and grabs 2 chicken noodle soups and 2 sets of steamed dumplings (all for $23.00). This "meal" actually gives us a dinner and enough leftovers for another lunch for each of us. I highly recommend it!

            2. How casual are we talking? If you can manage a polo shirt and loafers, you can go to 701 restaurant, Les Halles, Fogo de Chao, or TenPenh, all of which are on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 12th and all of which do a delicious lunch service.