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Aug 14, 2006 12:18 AM

restaurant recommendation

will be on boston on 11/9 thursday for breakfast and lunch
and on 11/14 for dinner. what 3 places should I absolutely NOT miss?

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  1. If your into good food try Troquet, the blue room for a good room vibe and pho pasteur for some good Vietnamese noodles.

    1. hooray to blue room and troquet, esp. the latter. boo to pho pasteur. check out zaftig's in brookline for a great jewish breakfast/lunch. awesome lox, better reuben. really good challah french toast stuffed with banana, too. mmmhmmm.

      1. If you look around a little on this board, you'll find that people enthuse about a few more than 3 places. So we might be able to use a little more information -- where are you staying (i.e. what parts of town are you interested in), how are you getting around (MBTA accessibility narrows the field significantly but not cripplingly), what's your budget for the meals, and are there any particular types of cuisine that you must have? Where you're coming from is also useful; if you're from southern California, I'm not likely to steer you to a sushi joint, and if you're from Chicago, New York or New Haven, I would steer you away from any pizza place in town, for instance.

        1. thanks for the recommendation on troquet .. sounds good
          i am coming from SF Bay Area and will have car one day and be on MBTA evenings ... not picky on cuisine or budget anythings fine, honestly.
          just looking for good food :)

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            Hmm. Well, if price is no object, my favorite places around town would probably be No. 9 Park <>, very pricey, but exquisitely seasoned and handled food; Blue Ginger <>, Ming Tsai's place though some recent traffic has been a little less sanguine about the place recently; Hamersley's Bistro <> in the South End esp. for the garlic/mushroom appetizer!

            If you're coming from SF, you won't be needing any recs for Chinese food -- the options here don't compare to what's available in SF. French food also comes up quite short. But my other sentimental favorite are the sister Spanish restaurants Tapeo in the Back Bay <> and Dali <>. Both have ... distinctive decor, and offer pretty good renditions of traditional tapas fare (and yes, I still prefer these places to Taberna de Haro and BarLola, both of which also get plugged on this group a lot).

            There are also places famed for Boston area atmosphere, but not necessarily for the quality of the food. There is at least one other major celebrity chef working in the Boston area (Todd English), but he doesn't spend a lot of time in his restaurants around here of late, and they're just not what they used to be.

            For breakfast, my sentimental fave is the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown <>. It gets some knocks on this group for relatively high prices and long lines, but still my preferred stop for sweet potato pancakes. Yum.