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Aug 14, 2006 12:06 AM

The great road trip begins...LA to NOLA..

In a week I begin the great road trip, driving from Los Angeles to NOLA, going through Phoenix and cities of Texas into my beloved NOLA. This won't be a trip of leisure, but a mission to deliver a guy and his car. If anybody can suggest any special places along this route, please I would love to know. Road stops are fine, and perhaps a better idea while in the cities where we stay over, but not exactly sure what they will be. Phoenix, Tucson, San Antonio, Houston? Really depends on how far we get each day. Don't have the time for research. I thank all in advance. I am not sure the exact route, isn't it the 10 all the way? Again, thank you.

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  1. The Big Texan in Amarillo is a good spot. Just plan on a nap afterwards. Classic Texan Steaks and Sides, plus a campy "old west theme" and snakes in cages in the gift shop. You can't miss it. The namesake "Big Texan" is out front with his trusty bull.

    You should also take in some classic New Mexican Chilie based cuisine. There was a good post on Las Cruses area foods recently. The Green Chilies are not to be missed

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      That sounds FUN! I will be with my son, and time constraints, not looking for fine dining, but some adventure! Thanks. I am so happy to be able to post to this board! I may be premature in posting as an itinery isn't established, just as long as I get to NOLA in time for a flight out on the 23rd..(NYC my next destination by flight, and then...Delaware)...but I think it is pretty much a given that it is the 10 all the way. Unfortunately, no nap unless we stay the nite there! This sounds just like the fun kind of place we would love to stop at...if for nothing else, the gift shop! May be my one and only time to do this, who knows, but I want to make it fun!

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        the Big Texan would be a great spot to bring kids but i think Amarillo is on the northern route, which i think is shorter, not sure but you go through Dallas rather than Houston, i think. Cant really recall. Great place to pick up a snake skin belt buckle and who doesnt need one of those?

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            We ALL need a snakeskin buckle, don't we? We will be mapping out the route in the next couple of days..and unfortunately, so many things I would like to go out of my way for, but can't. My destination ultimately is Delware, talk about a contrast, although not driving all the way, I doubt if I could stand that! I don't think the plan is to go through Dallas, but will be checking out any and all. Actually, with time, I would love to pass through Monument Valley, way out of the way, but I don't do road trips often, if ever! I am a huge John Ford western fan! Alas, another time.

      2. One stop that I would make on this trip is La Fogata, 2427 Vance Jackson Rd San Antonio, TX (210-340-1337). They are just north of I-10, in the NW quadrant of the city. On drives between New Orleans and Denver, we'd drive out of our way, just to dine there. Probably 300 miles out of our way. The food is what I would typify as Tex-Mex, something that I now miss in AZ/CA.

        If my memory is correct and my understanding of the events accurate, some years ago, there was a tax issue, regarding the property. The owners closed the doors, but diners in the San Antonio area banned together, paid the taxes and begged the owners to reopen. Maybe an urban myth, but I would not be surprised at its validity.

        Only other place that I can suggest making a special detour for, or planning a not-so-direct route, would be Hensley's Family Restaurant, just off of I-40 in El Reno, OK. Just to the west of OK City, this place has the best chicken-fried steak that I have encountered (well, actually it's #2, but the Hub in Meridian, MS has been closed for decades). Not on your way, but well worth a jog to the north, though you are on a timeline.