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Aug 14, 2006 12:05 AM

Matteo's Westwood

Had dinner there for the first time on thursday evening. Retro-chic decor is "Soprano's" hip and the service was first rate. But I found the food uninspired, not particularly well-prepared and quite overpriced. A caprese salad in August should have delicious tomatoes, not cardboard tasting supermarket style ones. The mozzarella was the fresh, water made type and the basil was fresh, but the tomatoes were bad. $9.95 for a meager portion seemd high to me. The chicken marsala sauce was a little too thick and you could taste the flour coating on the chicken breast pieces; a nice portion, but again $21 for this seemed excessive. The dish included nicely done escarole but no pasta, and a small side order of spaghetti in red sauce was $4.95. $7.95 for a bottle of Pellegrino (give me a break). I can think of many other Italian restaurants on the Westside that have far better food for the same or actually less money. Perhaps the attached more casual place, Hoboken, is a better value.

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  1. Hoboken is better.
    Matteo's is long, long past its prime...