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Aug 13, 2006 11:34 PM

W. Village Area (thank you so much dinner ideas)

I am taking my boss/advisor (and her spouse) out to dinner as a small way of thanking her for having been an amazing mentor (and having helped me to get my new job).

She and her husband enjoy good food! I have had pan-Asian meals (Chow Bar) with them and know that would work but I think they like many things (Italian, French, Thai).

The only really important thing is that we eat within walking distance of Washington Square and also near an ACE subway stop(wasn't sure how they feel about Mexican but otherwise Agave would have been a good choice). The good news is we are going early in the week and will eat early too (6:30) so taking a risk is possible (I considered August but feared they might have a wait at that time).

Any ideas for me?

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  1. I'm not sure your price range so I'll throw a couple out there:

    aquagrill - you can't go wrong here and near spring st. station

    cafe asean - much less $$. since they like pan asian, this would work - eat outside in the garden. keep in mind it's cash only - near w 4th st. station

    1. I second Aquagrill, great choice. Otto is within walking distance if you are looking for Italian.