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Aug 13, 2006 11:07 PM

Removing wine glass writing

I have acquired several nice Reidel wine glasses at various wine tastings. I would love to use them to augment my other Reidels. How do you suggest that I get the writing off the glass without "years" of dishwashing? Any ideas for quick removal?

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  1. I assume that the "writing" is silkscreened ink, or perhaps paint applied to the glass. One could contact a silkscreener and inquire as to a possible solvent. The same could be said for paint. However, both methods use products that not likely to be easily removed. Instead, I'd reserve these for any guests of honor and point out the logos, etc. allowing you to reflect on "that time in... " Or, reserve them for the hosts of the dinner, and again, allow you to reflect. I think that any attempt to remove the writing will possibly end up with spoiled logos, but enough left to ruin the glasses.

    It will, however, be interesting to hear what others suggest.


    1. If it's screened on, you can scrape it off with a window-cleaning razor blade.

      If it's etched, it's permanent.