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Aug 13, 2006 10:43 PM

chocolate restaurant in Norwalk or SoNo??

I have heard about a great chocolate centric restaurant in Norwalk Ct. Does anyone know the name and have any experiences with it?
I would love to try it!

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  1. Its called Chocolopia or something like that. It is located on North Main Street between Washington and Haviland. It is written up all the time with great reviews. My DW and I wondered over there after a great meal at Ocean Drive and it was late. The selection left was a little light so we decided against a purchase.

    If i n the nighborhood early also try SONO Bake shop off Water on Elizabeth, Outstanding!! :-))

    1. Chocopologie is the name of the restaurant/chocolate shop. Website is The chocolatier is Fritz Knipschidlt, and he makes some of the best chocolates i've ever had. There is one filled with carmel and then topped with salt.

      A must stop when in SONO. Had lunch with my brother a week or so ago, food was tasty and well, just not the regular lunch fare.

      1. I recently stopped by with my chocolate fanatic friend and chocolate fanatic granddaughter. We shared the sampling dessert (chocolate four ways)—delicious—and actually ordered a sandwich and a salad, which were very good. I love Knipschidlt Chocolates, which I used to be able to buy only at a funny little shop in the Broad River section; very glad to have Chocopologie in town.

        1. Chocopologie is fabulous for gifts, indulging and breakfast......haven't been for any other meal, other than their unbelievable hot chocolate and fondue in the middle of the afternoon-a meal unto itself! Well worth the trip from near or far.......also a great stop after the movies.......

          1. Thanks for all your responses. I am even more eager to try it now!