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Aug 13, 2006 10:15 PM

Bravo to Baumard

I'd like to post a shout-out to M. Baumard for breaking the French moratorium on stelvin closures on high end wine. One of the premier producers in the Loire valley, of savennieres and coteaux du layon fame, he is going 100% screwcap as of the 2006 (maybe 07?) vintage. With luck, more folks will follow in his footsteps--no more TCA!!!

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  1. Yes, bravo!

    In the last couple months have enjoyed the 1995 Trie Speciale, 2002 Clos du Papillon, 2002 Quarts du Chaume, and 2003 Quarts du Chaume from Baumard. All very special, and the 1995 is still alive and kicking with many years ahead.

    Baumard thread -

    P.S. TCA can taint a wine from sources besides the cork closure.

    1. true, if it is present in the winery. to my knowledge, baumard has never suffered from this problem.
      i've got one last bottle of the 02 clos st. catherine that i'm going to hold on to for awhile... so good, and will get so much better.

      1. Yes, even the French are embracing the Stelvin. You can add the following domaines/winemakers (among others I am sure) to the list...

        Laroche - Michel Laroche
        Verget - Jean-Marie Guffens
        Paul Blank - Paul Blank
        La Louviere, Couhins-Lurton (whites only) - Andre Lurton

          1. Saw Matrot Mersault in stelvin as well