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Aug 13, 2006 08:55 PM

Mushroom Shaped Challah Rolls in Brooklyn

I was wondering if anyone knows which bakeries in Flatbush (Avenue M, Avenue J, and vicinity) or Boro Park, make really good mushroom shaped challah rolls. I am interested in both egg and water type rolls. They often serve this type of roll at catered affairs.

Quite a while back, I bought some at Shloime's on 14th Avenue, along with some very good mini challahs, which I seem to remember were all very good. This past week I went to what I think is another branch of that bakery, on New Utrecht Avenue. They had no challah rolls of that shape, so I bought their regular braided (knotted) challah rolls. I'm not sure if they were egg, or water rolls, but I was surprised, and disappointed to find that they were really awful - very dry, and tasteless.
I've also had mushroom rolls from a bakery on Avenue J, around E. 15th Street, (can't remember the name) that was recommended on this board. They probably would have been good but they didn't seem fresh.
For whatever bakery you recommend, can you also tell me if you know what days you can get freshly baked ones. I would usually be in Brooklyn on a Thursday.

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  1. you can get incredible ones in queens, at queens pita (718-263-8000) on main street, down the block from supersol, both their egg and water challas are great, enjoy

    1. Chiffon's bakery on Coney Island Ave. bet. J&K in Brooklyn makes those. I think you are refering to simcha rolls. I know that they make all challahs in egg or water , especially on Thursday. They aren't dry or tasteless! They even make challahs in the shapes of animals or you can special order ones in other shapes, like I did a few weeks ago for a friend's surprise party. Their # is 718-258-8822. Enjoy!

      1. Though I can't use the Queens suggestion myself, I'm sure that others in that area will appreciate it. Thanks, Shoelace.

        As for the Chiffon recommendation - I do shop there once in a while, but I've never noticed these mushroom (simcha) rolls. I guess I wasn't specifically looking for them at the time. BeepBeep, just to clarify, do the regular shaped ones need to be special-ordered? I only need a few at a time.
        You can be sure that I'll check it out the next time that I'm in the neighborhood. Thanks so much!

        If there are other Brooklyn recommendations, I'd really appreciate them!

        1. You can try Ostrovitsky's bakery, on Ave. J and E12th Street. They sell those rolls most weeks and I think they call them crowns; they're very rich and eggy. Isaac's bakery is on J and 15th, which may be the other place you're thinking of, but I'm not sure if they sell those rolls.

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            Thanks Malka,
            Yes, Isaac's was the name of the bakery that I couldn't remember. Maybe one day soon, I'll get a couple of these rolls in Ostrovitsky's, and a couple in Chiffon, and do a taste test.

          2. I stopped in at Chiffon's on my way home from work, as I usually do at least 3-4 times a week. I found out that the mushroom rolls are made every Thursday and Friday in egg and water styles. There is usually a limited number of them so I was told that you should special order them the night before, even if it's only for a small number of them. They will put them aside for you with your name. Try them. You probably won't go anywhere else after you do.