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Aug 13, 2006 08:52 PM

Atlanta - midtown recs

Am spending three days at a conference, staying at the Midtown Marriott - I welcome any and all recommendations for great food nearby, both cheap and tasty (I used to live in the South but no longer - and I miss good barbecue) as well as more upscale (will need to take some colleagues out somewhere nice)... I've heard about South City Kitchen - what else is out there? Any thoughts, good or bad, on SCK?

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  1. We just returned from visiting Atlanta and are moving there. We tried and really liked Fat Mack's Rib Shack on Piedmont. The food was tasty and the environment colorful.

    1. When I'm going to a new town, I use the chowhound search function to see what's up. There's usually a great wealth of info to behold. For Atlanta (where I am in the process of moving away from) here are some recent ones:
      (a rage against both South City and Fat Matt's and all the subsequent replies

      (a recent posting of some good midtown options

      (a somewhat older thread)

      1. The Globe was just named Best Restaurant by Atlanta magazine-- we went on Saturday and really enjoyed our meal! They had a stellar watermelon salad with pumpkinseed oil, micro-basil, pumpkin seeds and sea salt, and I enjoyed my mussels and frites.

        I found the atmosphere a little noisy, so if this bothers you, asked to be seated in the slightly quieter back room.

        They have a great cocktail menu, so it seems like a really nice place to just go for a drink and some appetizers I also noticed they had a $15 deal that included a glass of wine and (I believe) any three appetizers. Or maybe it was two appetizers, I forget... at any rate, it seemed like a good deal, especially if you're by yourself or with one other person.

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          I enjoyed the Globe on my last visit (November). Any new restaurants in Atlanta opening soon?

        2. What about Ecco?
          Haven't been yet but have reservations for next Wed.
          Any chowhounds have anything to report?

          1. I love Fatt Matts for BBQ - the sides leave something to be desired, but the ribs are great!

            Nan at the corner of 17th street and west peachtree is a good choice for an upscale Thai meal.

            It's not in Midtown, but a short cab ride away in the Highlands is Sotto Sotto on N. Highland (nice Italian place) or Wisteria on N. Highland (new south/continental food)