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Aug 13, 2006 08:47 PM

Visting a friend on Wall Street

Hello Chowhounds,

I am a guy from Toronto who is visiting a friend in Manahttan around mid-spetember. I know some places in NYC and we do have other friends who live there but I am looking for recommendations for places way downtown. My buddy lives at 45 Wall Street (yes not far from The Donald!!!). I am looking for a good restaurant that is walking distance (20 mins or less). Either French, Italian, Cuban, Dominican, Thai or Middle Eastern. Any suggestions?

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  1. For Thai, you can't beat Bennie's, on Gold. The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired but it's family owned/run and the food is excellent.

    1. It's a wasteland, bro. You find yourself lowering your standards to find something good. You're very close to the R,W and 4,5 trains and not far at all from most others. I'd suggest shooting up to Tribeca or the Village.

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        Not a wasteland at all. Bayard is down there as well Carmines, which is a tasty red sauce/seafood joint. For something Pacific Ocean, you might want to try the Hawaiian Roy's. Les Halles is reasonably priced and always a goto in my book. All within walking distance of you.

      2. I agree with Mazzer - at least go as far as Tribeca, where there are so many good choices. When I'm in the Wall Street area though, I go to Les Halles.

        1. No recommendations on restaurants, but you might want to stop by Financier for some coffee and pastries. Delicious and charming.

          1. There really aren't too many good options for the type of food you're looking for in the financial district. If you're looking for steak/ burgers I'd suggest Delmonicos, Harrys or Bobby Vans, a slight walk will bring you to PJ Clarks over on the water. But for french, thai or anything else slightly ambitious I'd suggest you head out of the FD.