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Visting a friend on Wall Street

Hello Chowhounds,

I am a guy from Toronto who is visiting a friend in Manahttan around mid-spetember. I know some places in NYC and we do have other friends who live there but I am looking for recommendations for places way downtown. My buddy lives at 45 Wall Street (yes not far from The Donald!!!). I am looking for a good restaurant that is walking distance (20 mins or less). Either French, Italian, Cuban, Dominican, Thai or Middle Eastern. Any suggestions?

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  1. For Thai, you can't beat Bennie's, on Gold. The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired but it's family owned/run and the food is excellent.

    1. It's a wasteland, bro. You find yourself lowering your standards to find something good. You're very close to the R,W and 4,5 trains and not far at all from most others. I'd suggest shooting up to Tribeca or the Village.

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        Not a wasteland at all. Bayard is down there as well Carmines, which is a tasty red sauce/seafood joint. For something Pacific Ocean, you might want to try the Hawaiian Roy's. Les Halles is reasonably priced and always a goto in my book. All within walking distance of you.

      2. I agree with Mazzer - at least go as far as Tribeca, where there are so many good choices. When I'm in the Wall Street area though, I go to Les Halles.

        1. No recommendations on restaurants, but you might want to stop by Financier for some coffee and pastries. Delicious and charming.

          1. There really aren't too many good options for the type of food you're looking for in the financial district. If you're looking for steak/ burgers I'd suggest Delmonicos, Harrys or Bobby Vans, a slight walk will bring you to PJ Clarks over on the water. But for french, thai or anything else slightly ambitious I'd suggest you head out of the FD.

            1. Hi Fredster. I am a fellow Canadian who lives a block from your friend. I agree with "hammerinhank" that downtown is not at all a wasteland. I would head over to Stone Street try Adrienne's or Ulysees, its great to sit outside and have a bite to eat. Also, walk over to Front Street near the South Street Seaport, there are a few interesting places, Bin no 220 is a wine bar, Fresh Salt is a neighbourhood bar with happy hour from 4-8, Jeremy's Ale House and Radio Mexico is great for margaritas--i particularly enjoy their guava margarita and chorizo quesadilla.

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                But the poster is looking for French, Middle Eastern, Thai, Cuban or Dominican. The restaurants on Stone and Jeremys don't really fit the criteria. If he was looking for great pizza, I would definetley say go to Adriannes, for Scandinavian hit up Smorgas Chef but for French - Les Halles, no way just not that good; Dominican or Cuban - this area pales in comparison to the Lower East Side or Harlem (quick ride on the JMZ to Delancey street). Middle Eastern - well Alfanfanoose is great for lunch, and there are some outstanding cart options but I don't think the cars are there in the evenings.

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                  Actually he listed italian second as part of his criteria, which is why I suggested Adrienne's. Aside from pizza they have a great antipasto plate, and some good pasta dishes. I added Jeremy's, Fresh Salt and Bin no 220 since they are all in the neighbourhood in case fredster wants to visit happy hour before dinner ;=)

                  Obviously the whole of Manhattan has plenty to offer-FD is clearly not the epicenter for fantastic cuisine, but there are some solid places (i will also add Liberato's Pizza on Cedar Street)- and I totally agree with dkstar1's recommendations.

              2. The best places I've been to in the Financial District:

                Pizza - Adriennes Pizza Bar (my favorite in all of Manhattan)
                Vegetarian/Falafel - Alfanoose
                Scandinavian - Smorgas Chef (its okay, not bad).
                Cuban - Salud (very good food in a nice space near the seaport)
                Sandwiches/pastries/coffee - Financier (Stone St. location, not the other one)
                Italian - Quartino (all organic in charming space near the Seaport).
                Greasy Spoon - Pearl Street Diner (very greasy spoon, but fun).

                Other than the above...you'll have to wait another year or two as the seaport area gets more developed.

                1. From Wall street, you can easily walk to Chinatown (10-15 min max). Just take Water St. uptown, it becomes Pearl under Brooklyn Bridge and then morphs into Bowery.

                  1. Wall St. dining has improved over the past few years, but it's still far behind the rest of the city. I'd walk up to Chinatown or Tribeca, as other posters have suggested. That said, if you're in the mood for pizza, Adrienne's on Stone street is excellent.

                    Also, I have to warn you - I just tried Quartino near the seaport last night. I liked the rustic feel of the place, but the food was just awful. Probably the worst restaurant meal I've had in years (and my dining companion agreed).

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                        I had the spinach salad appetizer (like 2 pounds of wilted, unseasoned spinach topped with a few slivers of parmigiano and a few drops of olive oil) and the special pasta (fettuccine with a pile of canned tuna and a few pieces of overcooked zucchini). Very disappointing.

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                          yikes, I will know what to avoid!

                    1. I live in the hood and admit that it is nowhere near some of our other great chow areas in the city. That being said if you're set on venturing out, Tribeca is a stroll or a short cab ride away. Landmarc, Odeon, Upstairs at Bouley and The Harrison are all great in my opinion and all New Yorky if that's what you're looking for. If you decide to stay put in the Financial District head over to Salud for Spanish fusion in a tapas style menu.

                      1. Thanks guys! I appreciate.