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Aug 13, 2006 07:35 PM

What's your fave restaurant in Hamilton? Fave Dim Sum place?

Just got here from Austin, TX and am wanting to be hopeful about cheap, ethnic eats.
My faves are Chinese and Vietnamese but I also like Indian, Japanese, Greek and Italian.
I love small "mom and pop" restaurants". I checked out B & T Vietnamese. I know it's really popular but wasn't too impressed with the fare. So fare my fave food here is samosas from a little grocery store by the Wallmart on Upper James.

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  1. There's a good breakfast place on Main street west beside the Tally Ho Restaurant. I really enjoy it there and have been going there for years. It tends to get busy during peak hours.

    1. I *LOVE* Tally Ho.

      I've never been to a place that does their roast beef sandwiches as well: the beef is paper thin, and the gravy is very rich and... oh man, my mouth is watering now!

      Great french fries too.

      1. For Persian and mixed Mediterranean I would suggest La Luna at King and Queen.

        For Roti and other Trinidadian Foods, I would recommend Roti Hut at King and Connaught in the east end near Ivor Wynne Stadium. Get there on a Tuesday and hope she has the duck roti.

        For Indian, try Phulkari on Queenston, across from Eastgate Square

        For Portuguese in Hamilton, try Wild Orchid on James St. North

        1. The best dim sum in Hamilton is at Crystal Dynasty, located on the corner of Bay and Cannon St.

          1. Gotta try Chicago style deep dish pizza; a small 'mom and pop' restaurant with good Karma. Nothing fancy; just good food.
            534 Upper Sherman
            tx Stewart