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Aug 13, 2006 07:34 PM

lousy at Alma

Went to Alma the other night-- the food was not so great (which is consistent with what I've read here on the boards) but even worse was the service. Dismissive and uncaring-- never checked on our table, never asked if we wanted more drinks, didn't offer dessert menus, nothing. Given the hour and forty minute wait for a table on the roof and the only passable food, I can't see myself going back.

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  1. yep, that sounds about right! not to mention, a mexican place that doesnt include rice and beans, or some kind of side, with the entree? feh!

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    1. re: bklynbiker

      Gotta disagree on one point--while my experiences at Alma have been mixed, I'd much rather pay extra for one of their sides than get a plateful of the chewy orange rice and cheese-smothered beans you get at so many Mexican restaurants.

    2. I think of alma is a destination spot you where you take out-of-towners for the view. But I was there for a birthday last week and the service could not have been better. Our waiter was super friendly and gracious. I hadn't been there in a while, but it seemed that the food was also a bit better than in times past.

      My friends and I have devised a theory that if you stick to the "basics" you're fine, but watch out for the more ambitious dishes like the tuna and the duck.

      Our margarita's weren't so great though.

      my 2 cents

      1. I also agree. The food is a bit better than okay, though has a somewhat unjustifiable high price point. And they have a tendency to hard sell the way overpriced guacamole and margaritas. And not to kick a dead horse, but is the view from the deck really that great? If looking at lower Manhattan through the Red Hook dock cranes are preferable to the unobstructed view in and around Dumbo, please, by all means, eat there.

        1. i like the salsas and the grilled shrimp entree. A few other things I've tried have been average.