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Aug 13, 2006 07:15 PM

Which is the Best Persian resturant on the westside?

Went to Shamsiri a few weeks ago and the food was tasty...but the Music was SO loud....I wouldn't go back...
I know there is a place down the street called Shaherazad which is supposed to be good, and a place call Darza on Santa monica Blvd.....
But If I'm goign to go I want go to the best one out ofthe local area!!!! with alot less music!

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  1. It has been a while since I lived on the west side so there may be new joints, but my wife and her family, who are Persian, love Javan. I know that some on the board have criticized the decor, and the atmosphere as being "old" and the place is certainly not hip, but the food was always consistently good espeically the Baghala Polo, which is braised lamb shank with rice, prepared with dill and lima beans.

    1. I like Shershazad the most. Javan is ok but I like Tajirish in Marina Del Rey better than that.

      1. i love javan and have been going there for years. they're bademjan is amazing. eggplant and lamb stew. and they have amazing huge portions and the prices are great. but i don't know of all the great persian restaurants out there either.

        1. unfortunately I can't say that any are anywhere near like persian home cooking, where the
          great treasures are. most persians i know prefer darya to javan but i don't like either all that much.
          there is a niche for someone

          1. Shaherazad bakes their own bread. It's quite good.