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Aug 13, 2006 04:47 PM

appropriate attire in napa

Ok, for the women out there who have been to napa, what is the typical attire worn when touring wineries, eating out, etc.?

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  1. No shoes, no shirt, no service.

    1. You'll be on your feet a lot, so comfortable shoes. Other than that, I usually wear jeans with a nice shirt. Have fun

      1. We go to Napa at least once a month, sometimes twice. My wife always dresses nicely, pants (not jeans) nice blouse or light sweater (this time of the year) and she happens to like to wear heels. She actually has outfits that she has purchased just for Napa, bright colors, light weight (again for the summer time, we have a convertible so the top is down much of the time.) Then again, she is a VP with a large bank and is use to dressing up almost daily so feels more confortable than she would in jeans and tee shirts.

        But, you see all kinds there, especially during the summer. She just thinks when we are going to nice wineries she wants to look nice and I certainly don't disagree with here. I almost always were dockers (or other slacks) and a good golf type shirt or a Tommy Bahama type shirt.

        As far as eating out, there are "fancy" places (French Laundry, Auberg, etc) and casual places so it's hard to say about dinner dressing.

        I will say that the valley is probably more casual than dressy but you will see dressy.

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          At wineries you also see people wearing what they might wear to the gym or to do yard work.

        2. Dressy casual at many places with comfortable shoes and hats. What my husband calls the "rich suburbnite Nordstrom" look. Lots of dockers and nice polos/golf shirts on the men. Dressier but casual looks on the women including long linen dresses and skirts, golf wear, crisp shorts with belts, etc. Some more casual clothing or high fashion LA folks.

          1. I like to wear a sundress, a hat, and a linen or light knit jacket -- this outfit takes me anywhere from a walk to a nice dinner. Other people seem to wear anything they please.

            Edited to add: I think it's fine that folks wear whatever they please!