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Aug 13, 2006 04:28 PM


I have lived right near Pagliacci's on Coldwater for over a decade. Yet I've never tried their food - I so rarely see anyone in the store that I just haven't had the nerve.

What's your experience with them? Pizza? Sandwiches? Yogurt? Something must keep them in business. And I noticed a new location on near Ventura Blvd.

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  1. I ate there once seven years ago when I lived near Ventura and Coldwater. I'd just moved to California from Iowa, where the scope of cuisines is, shall we say, limited, and I felt like a kid turned loose in a candy store.

    I grew up in New Jersey, and so when I saw "New York Pizza" advertised on Pagliacci's window, I knew I had to try it.

    Poor, naïf me. It was disgusting. The crust was completely soggy; the cheese had that glassy "reheated multiple times" glow to it. The pepperoni had obviously been original, because it was underneath the glassy cheese.

    Never mind that it wasn't remotely like New York pizza -- its badness wasn't linked to its theoretical geographical origin. It tasted like someone from Winnipeg had made a pizza and then driven it to California, reheating it each night in Des Moines, Oklahoma City and Gallup.

    I was going to try the yoghurt but I just left instead.

    Mazzarino's on Riverside has better pizza, or D'Amore's Pizza Connection, which is on Magnolia and Coldwater, or Ameci's, which has a branch on Woodman and Moorpark. Albano's isn't far (near Ventura and Laurelgrove) and that's got good pizza too.

    For yoghurt, we always go to Studio Yogurt (formerly the Bigg Chill) on Laurel Canyon and Ventura.

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      Thanks for your entertaining (and scary) review. I had the feeling that the food sits around, since there's so little visible traffic there.

      I do like pizza from Albano's (it ain't NY, but it's better than most around here) or I'll pick up a great pizza from Spumoni in Sherman Oaks. Pagliacci's is just so close, (and for some reason has been open for so long), it would be nice if it were good.

    2. I agree. I live 2 minutes away from Pagliacci's, went there once, and thought it was terrible. I'm going to go to Spumoni to try their's just because lad1818 used the word great in his post above Still haven't been to pizza heaven - Pizzeria Bianco - but one of these days am going to catch a SW flight and check it out. Pizza God, aka Ed Levine, and other pizza mavens rates it as among the very best in the US.

      1. I've never gone to get hot food at Pagliacci's, but stop in once in a blue moon for some yogurt. Pagliacci's was mixing toppings with their yogurt way before Coldstone's! Service is indifferent and the atmosphere isn't stellar so I will usually just run in and grab some to go. It's great too that I don't have to wait in a LONG line like you would at Studio Yogurt. oh - for the yogurt, Chocolate with mint is good!

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