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BBQ Bible [Moved from General Topics]

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My adventures as a CH began when I picked up a marked down, out-of-print book Real Barbecue by Greg Johnson and Vince Staten (1988). After reading the book, I talked two friends into a Kansas City road trip to try BBQ. As I used the book to guide us to the first place we decided to try, the neighborhood got scarier and scarier. When we finally found the spot we got hysterical--the place had burnt to the ground and the ruins were still smoldering.Fortunately, other spots were terrific and three CH were born.
Does anyone know of a guide to BBQ spots all over the country? Would you refer me to a book, video or a website? I'd also love to know if anyone knows the book I am referring to. Thanks.

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  1. There's a book called "Smokestack Lightning: Adventures In The Heart Of Barbecue Country"

    It was written by a guy who was Wynton Marsallis' road manager. He ate so much Barbecue on the road he decided to write a book about it. It was written in 1995 but was reprinted last year - I don't know if it was updated.

    Some of Rick Browne's Barbecue books may have some information on some BBQ joints - his show features one or two locations on each episode.

    Real Barbecue: The Only Barbecue Book You'll Ever Need : A Guide to the Best Joints, the Best Sauces, the Best Cookers-And Much More

    "Real Barbecue: The Only Barbecue Book You'll Ever Need : A Guide to the Best Joints, the Best Sauces, the Best Cookers-And Much More" isn't available locally. I looked it up on Amazon and ordered it and a couple of other books by Vince Staten just because they looked so whacky.

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      Any name on who wrote 'Smokestack Lightning'? Sounds like my kinda book!

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        There's an updated (2005) edition of Real Barbecue. Search for author Staten and title Real Barbecue on abebooks.com.

      2. Aack! Sorry about the incomplete info.

        From the Amazon Website: "Smokestack Lightning: Adventures In The Heart Of Barbecue Country" (Paperback)
        by Lolis Eric Elie, Frank Stewart (Photographer) "At the time of that eating I was employed as the road manager for the Wynton Marsalis Septet, and that fact also has a lot..."


        1. Here's a link that was posted on my local board for a Dallas resident's Memphis BBQ Road Trip. Looks like fun.


          1. Some links for you:







            1. for KC:
              a recent travel thread:

              1. BBQ USA by Steve Raichlen is a good book that covers alot of bbq territory.

                Also, Mike Mills' Peace, Love and Barbecue is great, too.

                For Texas BBQ-- Legends of Texas Barbecue, by Robb Walsh.

                All of those would be in addition to the websites listed above.