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Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer vs. Kitchenaid Professional

My favorite wife and I are planning to buy either a Kitchenaid Arisan or a Kitchenaid Professional. We'd like feedback from anyone about either one. The Professional is more powerful, bigger bowl, etc., but it appears to us to be more cumbersome to use...is that a true assessment? Thanks for any input. (Or, if you've used Kitchenaid and didn't like it, please say why and what you switched to, intead.)

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  1. Artisan vs. KitchenAid Pro - Help!!! is the name of a post in
    July '06 that has a lot of information you are seeking. (If
    I knew how to link the post, I would have done it.) Good Luck!

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      Definitely on the right track with KitchenAid; now that they have a steel gear box instead of plastic it's hard to think of a negative. Pro Mixer is bigger in size of course, but that shouldn't matter if you need the extra room and power for larger tasks with bread for example.If you are just getting a mixer for smaller tasks, then yea just an Artisan would suffice. In the rare event something happens KitchenAid always has good customer service that takes care of you anyway. But if you plan on experimenting and doing some daring things with your mixer I advise spending a little bit more for the professional 600. As of now you can get a Licorice KitchenAid 600 Pro series mixer for 323$ + free shipping
      - that's only 75$ more than the cheapest new Artisan's. It's hard to pass up that kind of value for something that is going to last you many years. http://shop.kitchenproductdeals.com/s...

    2. If you're going to do a lot of heavy work - grinding meat for sausage or making lots of bread go with the bigger mixer. A friend of mine used one commercially to make all of the baked goods in his coffee shop until his volume grew to the point that he needed a commercial sized Hobart unit.

      I love my Professional. A buddy of mine and I makes sausage in 60 lb batches and it doesn't get hot or lug down like his smaller KA did.

      One caveat. It's got metal gears and it's much noisier than the smaller models.

      You can often get good deals at the KitchenAid site in their Refurbished or Outlet sales.

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        Thanks to both of you...great, useful information.

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          Yeah, I've noticed that all the cupcake bakeries around here use professional KitchenAid mixers.

          I finally bought one since they were on sale at Williams Sonoma for $275 (plus a free bowl).

          The colors on sale were: copper, brass, lavender and light blue. Not sure if it's still going on.

        2. I have the professional Kitchenaid and I Love it!! I did buy it because it has more power, and that can only be a good thing. The only thing that may cause an issue is that you have to lower the bowl to scrape down the sides, but I think on the other one you probably have to tilt up the motor to do the same. It is also hard to add ingredients like flour and sugar without lowering the bowl, but I don't really see that as a problem because of how great the machine is. I read a review in Cook's Illustrated and the professional Kitchen aid was rated the best. Viking was rated almost the same, it does have a bigger bowl, but no more power than the Kitchen aid. It is loud and I think they said it moves on the counter. Of course Hobart is an excellent brand, but they are quite expensive. Go for the professional Kitchen aid, you won't be dissappointed.

          1. FYI: If price is an issue with you, Amazon is having a deal on Professional 5/Heavy Duty refurbished models. $189.99 - $25 coupon = $164.99 + free shipping.

            I've purchased many refurbished products from Amazon and have never personally had a problem.

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              FYI: Several colors of Artisan model on sale today for $199.99 at Amazon.
              Also, $25 off Amazon coupon and $20 Kitchenaid rebate = $154.99 + free shipping

            2. I have a Professional and have been really happy with it...

              If you're thinking about the Artisan....I work in a kitchen store and we got a memo today that the Artisan is going up by $30 later this week....Kitchen Aid is generally priced the same everywhere so expect the price increases at most outlets....and if the Artisan is what you decide on grab it soon....

              1. There is no comparison. My Mom has had a Artisan for twenty years and bought me a Professional 600 last year. The Pro. 600 absolutely kills. I make everything from bread to sausages and while I like the Artisan it does not hold a candle to the Pro. 600. You can always set a Prof. 600 lower but you can never get additional strength out of a Artisan. Spend the extra $100.00 you will not regret it . Get the Pasta 3 piece attachment and the Meat grinder, dynamite.

                1. the artisan you have the tilt head which is easier to do things like scrape the bowl and add ingredients (sifted ingredients especially) than the crank like the professional

                  in all my apartments i lived in, my artisan sits on the counter, but i have to pull it out a little so that i can tilt it to use it as there are cabinets on top.... it fits perfectly closed though.... it may be an issue if you have the professional as i'm sure because of the crank, it stands taller, so it wouldn't fit on my counter i'm sure... just a thought...

                  i originally wanted a professional as bigger is better right... more power, etc.... i love to bake, etc... i got an artisan as a xmas present from a friend... no complaints what so ever, and i love it... it does everything i need and more... i don't have any attachments like meat grinder, pasta maker, but of course i can add on if i like... i do advise on getting another bowl as one bowl is not enough... i didn't like the enameled coated dough hook and paddle at first because of the way it looked, but it works great, nothing sticks to it... i'm not sure about the professional as i believe it is some sort of metal, and may stick?

                  1. I checked the price on the 5-quart Artisan, and it appears that the $30 increase has already taken place at some places? I looked at BB&B a few weeks ago, and it was selling online for 269.99 for all colors. Now it is 299.99 for all colors. Interestingly, Amazon has different prices depending on the color.

                    1. My sister, who makes huge numbers of cookie platters for her catering business, has both and prefers the Artisan for cookies. She finds that even at low speeds the Professional tends to overwork her cookie doughs and they toughen.

                      I suppose it depends on what you plan to use it for most... I have a 5.5 qt with the lift bowl, which is a step up from the Artisan in power and it works very well for me; I use it mostly for baking cookies. I prefer to do several smaller batches rather than big multiples of my recipes, so the smaller bowl and lower power are fine. If I baked large quantities of bread I think I'd want the Pro.

                      1. I grew up with a standard Kitchen Aid mixer and loved it, but it had problems with the motor and the drive gears. When I was in college I worked part time and weekends at the pastry station of a local family restaurant. The professional model is definitely built much better with steel gears and a much more robust motor.
                        My aunt had a new standard Kitchen aid and it has been repaired more than 5 times in less than year. She finally spent $100.00 and had the motor and gearbox from a commercial mixer installed in hers and now it exceeds even her (considerable) needs.

                        I would suggest a commercial model for everyone who is going to use the mixer more than a few times a week. They can be found at reasonable prices at restaurant supply stores, or if you have access to a retailer that sells reconditioned mixers with a warranty, it is even a better deal.

                        1. We've had the Professional for almost 15 years, and it has yet to miss a beat. It has done it all. We added all of the attachments and many get great use. I'd add an extra bowl, and the copper liner for pasteries.


                          1. if anyone wants a kitchen aid professional, its @ williams sonoma online for $399; however, the lavender one is $299... i would not want a lavender one; however, to save $100 i wouldn't mind...

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                              Costco sells the professional (5 liter bowl) for 299. There is a KITCHEN AID mixer available that has more power (550 watts) and has a 6 liter bowl. I've seen it only at some restaurant supply stores. I have both the Artisan and the Professional but only use the artisan. I find the tilting motor more convenient then the lifting bowl. It's also a bit lighter so it's a bit easier to store.