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Aug 13, 2006 02:26 PM

Picnic in the park!

I will be attending Shakespeare in the park tonight and thought it would be a glorious idea to take advantage of this glorious weather and picnic. What are the best places to either take out or create a picnic feast? Unfortunately Bouchon Bakery is closed for summer vacation until next week and I need other options! Thanks so much!

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  1. There's always Fairway. Bread, cheese, everything else. And if you want wine to go with the picnic, Acker Wines (72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam is a lovely wine store that is close by.

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      fairway, citarella, zabars all right there. also, beacon wines is right across street from fairway.

      just make sure you bring a lot of food. the show is very very long. i went last week - 3 1/2 hours! you'll be hungry again by the end!

    2. I think Blue Ribbon Bakery does a picnic basket.

      1. Too late for this OP, but yesterday by chance we bought some grilled panini at a small shop on Columbus, N of 72nd, east side of the street. They were giving out samples out front and I thought, why not give them a shot.

        It was a really good sandwich. We got something called a Chicken Milano which was a spicy chicken breast sandwich with Pepper Jack and roasted peppers on ciabatta. Not fake spicy though, surprisingly really spicy. Chicken was moist with a spicy dry rub. Some additional spicy mayo spread. Perhaps because my expectations were so low, I just kept repeating, this is a really good sandwich, the whole time I was eating it.

        Nothing to make a special trip for, but if you are heading into the park for a picnic, a convenient place to grab a couple panini. $5.75 per sandwich, cheap enough.