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Aug 13, 2006 12:35 PM

quiet place for coffee, mid-morning weekday Union Square area

I know I posted something like this before, but that time I
was taping a conversation and needed someplace extremely quiet
(every place I went was too noisy, so I ended up meeting
and taping in my building lobby).
This time I am not taping or interviewing, just having a mid-morning social/business coffee get together and want someplace
comfortable, a tad upscale (NOT a Starbucks, not Joe) and not crazy busy. Is the Max Brenner place nuts on a weekday morning at 10AM or so? Marquet is ok, but really would like more comfortable seating than that.


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  1. The-Adore, on 13th Street?

    1. I need someplace more upscale and comfortable... it's gonna last an hour or so. Flatiron area
      or Gramercy is good too. Thanks...

      1. What about the restaurant at the W hotel on 17th and Union Square West?

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        1. re: Scarion

          That's exactly the kind of place I had in mind, however,
          I went in and checked with them this morning, and they
          close from 10-12 on weekdays! You can have a beverage only in the
          lobby area, bu that gets so traffick-y. But
          along the lines of that restaurant, yes. It's the early hour
          that's the stickler.

        2. City Bakery
          Pain Quotidien in ABC Carpet
          the cafe in Books of wonder

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          1. re: nixienox

            Thanks for your suggestions, if I can't think of anything else I'll go to Pain Q. City Bakery is noisy and
            often very hot inside, and... I must not be communicating
            'upscale' very well! To me that means no plastic utensils
            at the very least.

          2. How about 71 Irving Place. Nice vibe, quality products. I don't know if I'd call it upscale, b ut it's not corporate feeling like Starbucks or Joe.

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            1. re: billyeats

              Thanks, I went in there, but it's really not appropriate for
              this meeting. This person is going to be very dressed up
              for his whole (corporate) day of meetings. If anyone can think
              of something like Olives (tablecloths, banquettes, silverware,
              cappucino machine far from the ears, air conditioned... ), please post. Otherwise, I will try Le Pain Quotidien. I very much appreciate all the suggestions.