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Aug 13, 2006 05:26 AM

Jamie Kennedy - Wow! 1.5 Stars! - Food really THAT bad?!

I was planning to give Jamie Kennedy's new 'museum' restaurant a try next week. However, after reading Toronto Star's saturday article and their 'Poor' 1.5 stars rating, I'm having second thoughts. Is the food really THAT bad?! Any chowhound had similar experience as Pataki? I realise even great chefs like Kaji or Susur Lee can have off days. But to have almost every dish listed on the menu rated poor to unpalatable is definitely unheard of, especially coming from the kitchen of a reknown chef like Kennedy! Very interesting?!

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  1. Amy Pataki has never liked Jamie Kennedy, she roughly said the same things about the Wine Bar just before it opened too.

    I was at the opening for the new restaurant (so was half of Toronto, it seemed at the time! lol), the space was beautiful, the food was good. Let's remember that that the same things are usually said about all new restaurants.

    I would recommend ignoring the so-called 'critics' and go - and then report back to us!

    1. According to Chefdb, the chef at Gardiner is Michael Dixon. After all, Kennedy can't be at 3 restaurants and a catering company at once. Does this make a difference?

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        Sure that makes a difference however, as a professional chef/ businessman you should know that and have the right people in place. Apparently not! Interesting comment by Ramsey about Kennedy being best known for his fries. I am not sure whether that is bad or not. Kudos to Kennedy for running 3 restos and packing them in. Cheers.

      2. There must be some infighting at Torstar:
        Read Linda Barnard (who sat in for Amy when she was on leave):
        and Alan Vernon (who Linda replaced):
        for quite different opinions.
        I have been at JKGM and do not agree with Amy's review.

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