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Aug 13, 2006 05:10 AM

all-clad fry pans

hey everybody,

i'm pretty new to the board, and i'm in the process of getting a nice skillet. i was shopping around and saw the stainless all-clad and the mc2 all-clad pan. anybody know what the difference is? or is there a difference at all? any input/help would be great. TIA

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  1. I don't know if this will help, but here's the info from All Clad's site:

    And you can click around to get the story on the mc2 and stainless.

    My only piece of All Clad is a stainless frying pan. I chose stainless over the others, in large part, because it is dishwasherable. I'm a busy mom, so that's important to me.

    1. the mc2 is a brushed finish and the stainless is shiny. also, remember that you're not supposed to put all clad non-stick in the dishwasher, so if that's a concern, get the stainless without nonstick. otherwise, it's really appearance that is the main difference.

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        I gave my All clad stainless frying pans away. They must have their own method...I just could not avoid the food from massively sticking. I use cheap cast iron and non-stick fry pans instead. I'm in the market for a enameled cast iron as well.

      2. I have been using my 10" stainless fry pans for over 30 years and have never had any problem with them. Someone said that there are now 2 types of all-clad. Domestic and imported. The latter being of lesser quality. Anybody else hear that? Ken.

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          I recently posted a message concerning an 8" All-Clad fry pan I had purchased. Another poster mentioned that he had heard some All-Clads were being made in Mexico. Yet another stated that he had seen an All-Clad in Toronto that clearly said 'made in China'.

          All-Clad's web site says that everything is made in the US and so far I have not found any concrete evidence to suggest otherwise.

          My experience with All-Clad? The pots are great, the 8" pan was a big disappointment.

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            What did you find dissapointing about the 8" pan as opposed to the pots?

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              Here's the link to my post about my 8" All-Clad fry pan:


        2. The aluminum outer layer on the MC2 has better thermal characteristics than the stainless outer layer on the Stainless. OTOH, the Stainless will work on an induction range, if that matters to you.

          1. I use my big stainless skillet all the time and I love it. I don't like non-stick pans so this is the plain one; it cooks beautifully and I like the shape of the sides; it's easy to get in to turn things. I don't find that food sticks, particularly, and it's easy to clean.