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Aug 13, 2006 04:36 AM

Seasoned to the bone chicken

I have posted several messages about Porky's BBQ on Mahcnester in Inglewood: Truly delicious BBQ ( I get it without sauce, so the meat is a stand alone) and now their fried chicken, which is seasoned to the bone. however it is a fried. But a "seasoned to the bone WINNER).

But if you want roasted chicken, there is a place on Western Ave. and 8th, which makes rotissiere chicken which has been marinated and is seasoned "to the bone". Very inexpensive, comes with sides: beans and rice and beets. Very good stuff, and the price is right. The rice is unusually good, as are the beans (black beans) although sometimes they are undercooked.

It is a Peurivan style meal. Great stuff and easy on the pocket. The chicken is always consistent.

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