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Aug 13, 2006 04:22 AM

Chulada Grill

This restaurant has really great, clean Mexican food. The corn tortillas are made fresh, and the tomatillo salsa is out of this world. I am attempting to try everything on the menu, as I have never been disappointed yet. The vegetarian tacos are great, if you are not into meat. If you are into meat, try the pastor or carne asada tacos. The beans and rice are good.

They also have breakfast, which I have not tried yet.

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  1. I've repeatedly posted about Chulada on this board. I think it's often overlooked, but the food is very good, simple, and inexpensive Mexican. When I lived in the area, I found that hard to find. And Chulada delivers.

    On top of the pastor and carne asada, I loved to get chorizo tacos. The chorizo is extremely greasy, but the flavor is fantastic.

    Oops. I almost forgot to mention the spicy pico de gallo. Yum. Since moving to the San Fernando Valley, I haven't found anything comparable. The closest I came was a carneceria that sometimes will prepare a pint of pico de gallo at request (but not always).