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Aug 13, 2006 04:02 AM

Chicken wings

I love fried, crispy chicken wings that are not greasy, and I have found the place- Porky's BBQ on Manchester in Inglewood. They are apparently now serving Golden Bird chicken, minus the grease. I remember Golden Bird from years ago, however, I was always appalled at the grease. The taste was always great, but the grease was a killer turn off, and the chicken was often un-even, sometimes the batter was too thick. Yuck.

I have been going to Porky's every chance I get for the BBQ (I live in West Hollywood, so I can't get there too often for the delish BBQ) but after tasting the chicken wings, which were browned, perfectly seasoned and grease free) I will have to make extra trips there for the chicken. The sides are still unbelievable, so now it is a real toss up as to what to order there. Just wanted to put this out. Not exactly healthy fare, but once in a while, it is well worth the sin and the drive!

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  1. Not worth the wait to get your food though.

    Its only a few miles from my place, but their service is super they don't even WANT the last meal there my was definitely negatively affected by me being angry at having a pulled pork plate taking 25 minutes to arrive....when everything was essentially already prepared........figure they shouldn't add fried chicken to the mix if they can't get their BBQ out in a reasonable amount of time.

    What sides did you like? I didn't dig them at all the 2 times I've been.

    doubt I'll go back even when I get a craving for BBQ....I'll go to Bad 2 Da Bone instead.....interesting though, I did dig Golden Bird way back in the day. Still doubt I'll go unless I have a lot of time to waste waiting for them to get my order to me.

    1. The sides I thought were outstanding were the macaroni and cheese, the greens and the red beans and rice. The dirty rice was really good too. But the three mentioned above were really outstanding. The service has been uneven, from time to tome, but the product, for me, has been worth the wait, although I can appreciate your frustration.

      1. Closer to West Hollywood is:

        Buffalo Wings & Things
        1269 Westwood Blvd - less than 2 blocks south of Wilshire.
        (310) 477-3877

        I am no Buffalo/Chicken Wing expert, but when I order Wings as simple Bar Food to tide me over, I always end of leaving some of it as it is just a greasy, oily, messy experience; however, I've eaten here 3 times and finished EVERY piece of meat on them bones - a non-greassy/oily wing. Since it's their signature dish, you'd expect them to get it right.

        1. great wings supposedly at the Buffalo Club on Olympic, anyone tried it recently?