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Aug 13, 2006 03:37 AM

Tasting menu on Westside for anniversary?

I have searched but have come up with little. Have been to Joes, Jiraffe, Josie, Melise, Vito, Axe and although I enjoyed each for different reasons, I would like to try something new for our 9th anniversary on Wednesday. A few years back we went to Maple Drive and that was quite good. We both had the tasting menu with wine pairing.
I would love to do a tasting dinner on the west side for this year too. I eat anything and everything. But my hubby has high cholesterol so needs a place with "healthier" options/substitutions. Usually/thankfully, LA places are accomodating to finicky diets but I don't want to be deprived either. Any recs? oh and foie gras gets big bonus points!

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  1. Here is the link to Mako in Beverly Hills about 9 posts below yours, and it would be an excellent choice for every reason you mention. Nice wine list as well.

    1. I'm confident you'd be pleased with Norman's 6 course tasting Menu with the $10 "Foie Gras" supplement for $90 + $_____ for the pared wines. It will definetly taste "NEW" and unlike the others you mnetioned.

      Just 5 minutes from the easten edge of Beverly Hills. Is that westsidey enough?

      Norman’s “Signature Dishes” Tasting Menu

      Creamy Cracked Conch Chowder
      Griddled Saffron ~ Toasted Coconut ~ Oranges ~ “Key West Cloud”
      Yuca Stuffed Crispy Shrimp
      Sour Orange Mojo ~ Habanero Tartar Salsa
      “Down Island” French Toast ~ Seared Curaçao Scented Foie Gras
      Griddled Brioche ~ Passion Fruit Caramel ~ Gingery Candied Lime Zest
      ($10.00 Supplement)
      Fillet of Key West Yellowtail on a “Belly” of Garlicky Mashed Potatoes
      Grilled Asparagus Spears ~ Citrus Butter
      Roasted Pork “Havana” with “21st Century Mole”,
      Golden Haitian Grits ~ Sweet Corn Salsa ~ Sherry Wine Reduction
      “New World” Banana Nut Cake
      Rhum Flamed Bananas ~ Macadamia Nut Brittle Ice Cream

      Chef Norman Van Aken’s 5 Course Menu is $80.00

      Please inquire if you would like a Signature Wine Pairing to complement your Experience.

      1. OCEANFRONT at Casa Del Mar should work well, plus your on the Beach! The Manager is Allen from the Grill on the Alley (BH).
        Good food and service.

        1. We've had the tasting at Melisse, Jiraffe, Josie and enjoyed them all. Sona's 9-course was a pleasant surprise as we were each served different plates. Though next time, we would just get the 6-course. It's so much food!

          1. We just had an excellent meal at Wilson's last night, and they are offering a chef's tasting menu at $65 and another one I think for $90. The ala carte prices are fairly steep, so this would be a good way to sample a lot of what the restaurant has to offer.

            Casual setting, very friendly staff, and serious food.