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Aug 13, 2006 02:31 AM

Restaurant Safran in Chelsea

Just had a great meal at a vietnamese/french restaurant in Chelsea called Safran. It opened a week ago and doesn't yet have a liquor license but is next to a wine shop. We brought a bottle of crianza with us to the dinner. It is on 7th avenue between 15th and 16th street, on the west side, closer to 15th streetl.
I ordred the Cha Dum, a delightful meat ball appetizer made with vermicelli and ginger, and served with sesame shrimp crackers. My wife ordred the sate, a tasty medlee of shrimp, chicken, and vegetable skewers. My chive flowers entree was heavenly, while my wife's bo loc lac or teriyaki marinated beef cubes, with potatoes, was yummy.

We are definitely going to be back.

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  1. I'm surprised that this place hasn't had a bigger impact on the boards. It looks great--thanks for the report. Going to give it a try.

    1. yeah, let me know how it went for you. We went back for the third time. The last time, we ordered the red devil chicken and the honey pork chops, both of which were amazing. The chef, Laura, was trained at a culinary institute in Vietnam and worked at the rainbow room for 6 years. I can't wait to try the foie gras fried rice.

      1. holy smokes it pays to scroll the board a bit. we have been starved for good viet in the nabe, this could be the place. shaky beef? count me in. thx for the tip.

        1. does anyone know if they also deliver? would love to see a menu online if it exists...

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            I had the Bamboo Soup which was amazing, the beef carpacio and the vegetable platter, where both good. There aren't chopsticks on the table- you have to ask- and they don't serve hot tea at all as of the time of this post. The downstairs room looked interesting.


            French Vietnamese Cooking
            88 7th Avenue
            (Between 15thst & 16th Street)
            New York, NY 10011

            Free Delivery(min $15)

            Fax:(212) 929-1819

            Open Hours
            Sunday - Tursday: 11:30am-11:30pm
            Friday & Saturday: 11:30am-12:00mid
            Last Order: 20 minutes before closed

            Major Credit Cards Accepted(Min $15)


            Cha Gio
            Crispy spring roll, shrimp, crabmeat, pork, and mushroom nuoc cham sauce 6

            Chao Tom (sugarcane shrimp)
            Grilled shrimp paste wrapped around sugarcane 6

            Fried calamari
            Seasoned w. jalapenos, garlic and scallions, lemon pepper dipping sauce 8

            Medley of shrimp, chicken, beef and veg. skewers, penut dipping sauce. 10

            Cha Dum
            Steamed creamy beef ball w. mushroom, sesame cracker 7

            Little Neck Clam
            Poached in pepper, lime juice, coriander w. broth 12

            Dim Sum Sampler
            Combination of four different kinds of dimsum (Seafood, watercresss, abalone, and foie gras), three dipping sauces) 10

            Tasting Plate (2 person minimum) 16 per person

            Sauteed Foie Gras
            Mango and a ginger balsamic glaze 16

            Dragon Roll
            Spring roll w. shrimp, lobster meat and mushroom served w. a garlic chili dipping sauce 12

            Special Summer Roll
            All tasting summer rolls are served w. 5 kinds of dipping sauce ( Wasabi, lemongrass garlic, spicy mango, lemon citrus, and hoi sin)

            Soft Shell Crab Roll
            Cucumber, mango, avocado, and masago 10

            Lobster Roll
            mesculun salad, mint, strawberry, masago 10

            Safran Roll
            Grilled shrimp and scallop, fried calamari, and crunchy crackers 11

            Spicy Salmon Roll
            cucumber, pineapple, masago 8

            Peking Duck Roll
            Scallion, cucumber and plum hoisin sauce 8

            egg Roll
            Avocado, cucubmer and mesculun salad 8


            Salmon Gravlax
            served w. jicama and thai basil slaw 8

            Beef Carparccio
            Lime juice and chile garlic vinaigrette 7

            Mango and lime juice 10

            tricolor pepper & jalapeno salad, citrus dressing 10


            Prawn and grapefruit salad
            grilled prawn w. grapefruit, avocado and roasted peanuts ina tamarind dressing 8

            watercress salad
            Red onion, orange, grape tomato citrus vinaigrette 6

            Green Papaya salad
            grilled beef, roasted peanuts, basil dressing 7

            String Bean Salad
            w. fresh mushroom, grape, tomato, basil dressing 6


            Duck cosumine
            Clear soup w. foie gras ravioli 7

            La Sa
            curry and coconut milk soup w. shrimp, rice vermicelli

            bamboo Soup
            vegitarian consomme w. bamboo piths, ginkgo nuts, snow fungus, lycium fruit and baby mushrooms 6

            Mien Ga
            chicken cellophane noodles in grandma's chicken broth 5

            noodle & rice

            Stir friend rice noodles
            shrimp, chicken, calamari, egg, bean sprouts, chive flower, roastead peanuts, served w. a tamarind sauce 12

            Crispy egg noodle
            crispy pan fried egg noodles, topped w. sauteed shrimp, scallops, beef, chinese broccoli, shitake mushroom and bean sprouts, in a veg reduction 14

            Foi Gras Fried Rice
            Stir fired w scallops and egg white 16

            Safran fried rice
            stir fried w. shrimp, egg, salmon, and vegs., served on top of crispy lettuce and topped w. rice puffs 14


            Grilled fish of the day
            marinated w. lemongrass and mint, served w. lemon pepper and tamarind garlic sauces 22

            Pan seared filet of sole
            served w. tamarind chili reduction, fried shallots, scallions, and dill 23

            Mekong River Prawns
            Stir friend w. garlic, butter and peppercorns, served w. a lemon dipping sauce and tea noodles 24

            Seafood Bouillabaisse
            hot and sour seafood broth w. prawnws, scallops, fish, mussles, calamari, clams, tamarind, and aromatic herbs 22

            Crab Farci
            crabmeat, mushrooms and cheeswe, stuffed in a shell and baked, served w. a mango salad and a saffron sauce 24

            Seafood Risotto
            Rice shrimp, squid, scallops, fish, clams, mussles, and enoki mushrooms, cooked in a saffron seafood broth 22

            Ga Nuong Xa
            Grilled Boneless chicken marinated w. lemon-grass and lime juice, pickles, mango salad 14

            Grilled rack of lamb
            marinated w. dill and lemongrass, served w. a string bean and musrhoom salad and tamarind sauce 24

            Xuong Nuong (Grilled Pork Chop)
            Marinated w. lemongrass, honey, and garlic, served w. cucumber salad 16

            Green Curry Duck
            Green curry w. bamboo shoots, okra, and eggplant 18

            Duck Breast confit
            Slow cooked in a red wine and citrus sauce, served w. balsamic honey glazed foie gras and a caramel pear 26

            Bo Loc Lac
            Teriyaki marinated cu ed steak, served w. sweet potato-fries and cucumber tomato salad 16

            Saigon Beef Sate Noodle
            Beef sauteed w. a peanut sauce, mango, pineapple, cucumber, tomato herbs, roasted peanut 16

            Soft Shell Crab
            Pan fried in garlic butter, veg. risotto lemon juice 24

            Trio of Tofu
            Sampler of lemongrass grilled tofu, butter sauteed tofu, and spicy stewed tofu served w. baby vegs, mango, and mushroom salad 14

            Sauteed Chives Flowers
            Sauteed w. lily bulb and oyster mushroom, garlic and ginger (beef 4, chicken 3, or shrip 5 can be added for additional) 14

            Sauteed Chives Flowers
            Sauteed w. lily bulb and oyster mushroom, garlic and ginger (beef 4, chicken , or shrimp 5 can be added for additional 14)

            black and White mushroom sampler
            Shitake, oyster mushroom, wodear, cauliflower mushroom, enoki and seaweed, served with sticky rice 16

            Vegitable Platter
            long bean, chinese broccoli, baby bok choy, lotus root, seaweed sauteed w. garlic and ginger creamy veg rice 14

            24 oz Porterhouse
            all grilled dishes are garnished w. mixed greens and baby vegetables 45


            Soi Nep steamed sticky rice w. coconut 3

            Soi Nep Than
            Seamed black sticky rice w. coconut 3

            black & white
            mixed black and white sticky rice w. scallion fried shallots and roasted peanut 4

            Steamed brown rice 2

            Jasmine White Rice 2

            Green Curry Fried Rice 6


            Strawberry Napoleon w. berries coueis and ginger ice cream 7

            assorts sorbets 7

            chocolate souffe 7

            banana cake
            coconut cream and mango sorbet 7

            banana black bean roll 7

            pistachio and almond drop
            a sponge cake base topped w pistachio and almond mouse 7

            Safran Lunch Box
            (Served 11:30 am - 4:00 pm)
            Lunch box comes w. salad, noodle, rice, and your choice of spring roll or summer roll, and one from below:

            Lb1 Grilled lemongrass honey pork chop 8.95
            Lb2 Grilled Lemongrass chicken 8.95
            lb3 Sauteed Chicken w. ginger honey sauce 8.95
            lb4 Sauteed Curry Chicken or beef 8.95
            lb5 sauteed chicken w. sate sauce 8.95
            lb6 sauteed cicken and mixed veg. w. basil 8.95
            lb7 Fried coconut shrimp w. basil dipping sauce 10
            lb8 grilled lemongrass tofu w. sauteed veg. 8.95
            lb9 grilled salmon w. sauteed veg. 10

            dinner combos
            all combo come w. a small soup of the day and small garden salad

            combo a
            bo luc lac (teriyaki cubed steak), w. sweet potato fries and cucumber tomato salad 16

            combo b
            grilled fillet of salmon with mixed vegetable & miso ginger sauce 15

            combo c boneless roast duck with shitake mushrooms & baby boc choy 16

            combo d Girlled lemongrass chicken (beef +2) 14

            combo e
            sauteed chicken w. ginger honey sauce 14

            combo f
            sauteed chicken w. lemongrass & red chili sauce (beef +2) 14

            combo g
            sauteed beef or chicken w. sate sauce (beef +2) 14

            combo h
            curry chicken or beef w. string bean, basil and eggplant (beef +2) 14


            L1. cha Gio
            vietnames fried spring roll made w. shrimp, pork and mushroom 5

            L2. Goi Ga
            Chicken w. julienne cabbage, carrots, onion salad, roasted peanuts, herbs and a spicy garlic vinaigrette sauce 7

            L3. Goi Du Du
            Green papaya salad w. grilled beef, basil, and roasted panuts n vinaigrette sauce 8

            L4. Ga Xaqo Xa Ot
            Stir fried chicken w. mushroom, onion, bell pepper, lemongrass, and a red chili sauce (chicken 8.95 beef 9.95)

            L5. Ga Xao Gung
            Old fashioned vietnamese style sauteed chicken w. bell pepper, straw mushroom and onion in a ginger and honey sauce (chicken 8.95 beef 9.95)

            L6. Chicken Mealody
            chicen sauteed w. mushroom, bell pepper and onion in a spicy garlic chili sauce served w. steamed broccoli 8.95

            L7. Chicken Sate
            Sauteed sliced chicen w. a panut sauce served w. pineapple, cucubmer, tomato, roasted peanuts (chicken 8.95 beef 9.95)

            L8. Ga Nuong Xa
            Girlled boneless chicen marinated w. lemongrass and lime juice, pickles, bean sprout sticky rice 8.95

            L9. Bo Luc Lac
            Teiyaki marinated cubed steak w. tomato, onion and string bean salad 12

            L10 Bun Xao
            vienamese style stir fried rice nooles w. shrimp, bean sprouts, egg and roasted peanuts served w. nuoc cham sauce(vegetarian optional) 7.95

            L11 Vientames Fried Ricce
            Shrimp chinese sausage, egg and bean sprouts, served w. green leaf lettuce and herbs( vegitarian optional) 7.95

            Fesh young coconut juice 4
            Vientamese expresso Coffee 3
            Iced Vientamese expresso coffee 4
            Ginger iced tea(sweetened) 4
            lemon iced Tea (sweetened) 4
            Lemongrass iced green tea (sweetened) 4
            chrysantemum iced tea (sweetened) 4
            soda 2
            s. pellegrino sparkling water (1 liter) 5
            voff water 6

            Lunch Special
            Lunch served Monday - Friday
            between 11:30 - 4:00
            except holidays

            Noodle Soup

            LS1. PHO
            A hearty oxtail soup w. rice noodles and sliced filet of beef served with. basil, bean srout, a hoisin dipping sauce on the side 7.5

            LS2. Lasa
            Light curry and coconut milk soup w. shirmp, rice vermacelli, bean sprouts and herbs. 8.5

            LS3. Mien Ga
            Chicen cellophane noodes, coriander and scallions in cicken broth 7

            LS 4. Bun Chanh Chua
            hot and sour sea food soup w. shrimp, fish calamari, rice noodles, pineapple, tamarind and aromatic herbs, served w. basil, bean sprout on the side 8.5

            LS 5. Chicken Noodle Soup
            sliced breast of chicen , rice noodles, bean sprouts, baby bok choy, corriander and scallions in chicken broth 7

            LS 6. Tofu & Vegitable
            Choice of chicen soup or coconut soup 7

            Bowl of Rice
            the main dish served on top of rice w. steamed baby bok choy, broccoli, strring beans, mushroom, tea boiled egg, pickles salad, chef's spicy dipping sauce on theside, choice of white rice, brown rice, or veg fried rice.

            LR 7. Grilled Pork Chop 7.95
            LR 8. Fried Seame Pork Loin 7.95
            LR 9. Grilled Lemongrass Chicen (Boneless) 7.95
            LR 10. Grilled Ginger Garlic Salmon(filet) 8
            LR 11 tempura Coconut Shrimp 9
            LR 12 Boneless roasted duck 9
            LR 13 Combination 12
            Grilled chicen skewers , grilled pork chop and tempura coconut shrimp 12
            LR 14 Girlled Lemongrass tofu (vegtarian) 7.95


          2. They deliver, but with a $15 minimum, which is kind of annoying for a place with such good lunch specials. I'm still waiting to try it out--poverty sucks--but as soon as I do I'll post a full report.