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Aug 13, 2006 01:22 AM

Kosher near the American Museum of Natural History?

Anything still there worth going - casual for sunday lunch?

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  1. Try Alibaba located at 515 Amsterdam Ave. (between 84th and 85th).

    1. Alibaba is probably the best casual option nearby. The new place on Amsterdam and 77th or so--Hummus Place, I think it's called--should fit the bill once it's open, if it hasn't already.

      1. From what I hear Makor Cafe has a great Sunday bruch - take the subway in the basement of the museum one stop to 72nd street - exit at front of train - then walk 2-3 blocks down Central Park West to 67th street, make a right and makor is 2/3 of way down the block on the north side of 67 ( - prices are very very reasonable, ambience is great and food is even better