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Aug 13, 2006 12:58 AM

Coupons: good or bad?

Went to dinner at a restaurant I hadn't been back to in ages because I had a coupon. Well, everyone else had the same idea and the place was swamped. Do you avoid places like the plague that have a coupon or is the inconvenience of competing with other guests worth the savings?

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  1. When a place releases a coupon there is a big rush for a couple of days when it comes out. Give it a few days, it will slow back down.

    1. I agree with JK. Either be the first one there, or wait for the rush to die down.

      If it's a choice between paying regular prices and the coupon, I'll take the coupon. And why not? The worst thing that can happen is that the place sucks, in which case, aren't you glad you used your coupon?


      1. And don't go on the last day the coupon is good for. It'll be swamped as well.

        1. I love coupons. I clip 'em like mad.

          But I hate being the first person to show up at an eatery with a certain coupon, because guaranteed my server will have no idea what it is and I'll have to wait forever for her to double-check it with two managers, etc. (I often have this trouble with Entertainment Book coupons.)

          Don't forget: Calculate your tip BEFORE discount is taken!

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            Yeah, we always do that, unless it's one of those joints where they have coupons, but then limit you to three things which are always shrimp heads, pig's ear, and horse's feet! In which case we leave.