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Frozen Won Ton. Are they available?

I find Pot Stickers, Su Mei, Ha Gow, Spring Roll's ...etc. ... all frozen but no frozen Won Ton's. Are they just not available? I'm in Sacramento, CA and I've hit most of the local chinese markets. What's

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  1. What exactly are you looking for? Filling (if so, what type)or no filling? how do you define won ton?

    1. I want to make won ton soup, fried won ton and I don't want to make the won ton's. Buy frozen and use them different ways.

      1. I've never seen them either, in the Bay Area or greater Los Angeles area. I think wonton skins are just too thin and prone to breakage.

        1. Yes. I've seen them. You can buy them from vendors in Chinatown in SF. I've also seen them in Ranch 99 in Cupertino. I know that Cupertino is a bit far from Sacramento but I've definitely seen frozen wontons in the bay area.

          1. I don't know about the big brands, but locally made, frozen wontons aren't hard to find in NYC's Chinatown. though usually not in the supermarket style stores. I've gotten them at a butcher shop and a noodle shop that also sells dumplings, etc. Have you asked anyone at the places you have tried?

            1. I have no knowledge buy if you have tried SF market and not finding any, another suggestion would be TJ's. Another tactic would be to check out some of the places that serve won ton soup noodle and see if you can buy bulk.

              1. They are availalbe but there are more bad brand than good. I would not buy ones that are from oversea. I have purcheased some from a local company in San Francisco (name escape me at the moment but will post after I do the weekly shopping next week). It was not bad but making wonton is really easy you should give it a try. When I make them once a while then IQF them in a tray and then pack in sandwich bags of ten. I sure someone will give you easy recipe.

                In San Francisco there are many store will have house made won tons.

                1. wontons aren't too hard to make, and you can make a lot... i usually mix it all and wrap them in front of the tv in the living room... freeze them in individual portions... they last a really long time and you can put your own favorites in your wontons which i like....

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                    Ok, you talked me into it. Make a bunch and freeze what I don't use. Sounds doable to me. Thanks.


                  2. In San Francisco, I buy delicious frozen wonton from a little store on Noriega St. These are stuffed and shaped in the shop. They sell both traditional wonton and what they call Shanghai wonton -- these are filled with pork and Shanghai water spinach.

                    Asian American Food Co at 1426 Noriega St (between 21st & 22nd). (415) 665-6617

                    For more info, ask me on the San Francisco board.

                    1. I just picked up some frozen Pork and Shrimp won tons this weekend in Daly City; a market off King St. Its a big Asian plaza so you won't have problems finding the market if you go there. They were simply packaged in a white styro meat tray, with plastic and simple label. The label says Chung Fat made in California. I didn't make soup yet, but they were sinfully wonderful deep fried.


                      1. Have you found them yet? I use to buy them at the Asia market on Broadway and 14th. Went there today and they didn't have any. Proceeded to check Wing Wa, New Asia Market, and Oto's, no luck. I'll have to ask relatives to buy some from Ranch 99 before they come up to visit.

                        1. I just made wonton soup tonight. All the ingredients I bought at Costco in the New York area. I bought a big bag of frozen wanton, bock Choy, onions, mushrooms, chicken broth, soy sauce etc. I have also found frozen wanton at Trader Joe’s. A tip: Don’t use the salt free chicken broth (even if it’s better for you) it doesn’t taste the same.

                          1. Annie Chunn's mini won tons are in the freezer section and they are very good. I use them for soup and prefer the Pork and Ginger ones. I'm in CA too, so you should find them in your market.