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Aug 12, 2006 11:12 PM

Philadelphia with kids

I'm taking our family, with 4 kids (3 teenaged boys and a 6 year old girl) to Phila. Has anyone have any suggestions for my big eaters on a smaller budget? The boys definitly want to try a cheesesteak for lunch one day.


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  1. Chinatown is a great place to take kids. The markets have frogs and eels live, and there is a candy store on 11th? (where the arch is) that has great candy. Lots of sugary, too sweet stuff. The bakeries sell pastries for 60 cents each there too.

    1. There are lots of great places for kids in Philly.

      South street - is a hip place to walk around. Lots of young energy. Take the to Jims at 4th and south for a cheesesteak. As you wait in line you can watch them making the cheesesteaks through the window.

      reading terminal - not to be missed. they have a farmer's market combined with prepared food providers. Do a search and you will find lots of info on the reading terminal.

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        Also, while walking around South Street, along with Jims cheesesteaks you could grab a slice (very large) of pizza from Lorenzo's- $2

        and at Reading Terminal, must get a choc chip cookie from Famous 4th Street cookie stand

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          I'm sort of changing the subject so see my NEW post "Lorenzo's vs Lickety Split for Pizza".

          But I will mention here that there are no seats at Lorenzo's. You need to stand in the rear. And it's small back there.

          Steve R

      2. You've got to check out the Vietnamese neighborhood near the Italian Market! You'll find fresh vibrant food at unbelievably low prices! This may be a chance to for your older children to try something new and it is ideal for your youngest. Our five year old son particularly enjoys the summer rolls and, of course, the pho. We've tried most of the restaurants in this immediate area and Nam Phuong is our favorite, but they don't happen to have a website. Here is another great place and the website offers a lot of information!

        P.S. If you do head to this area of the city, stop in at Isgro's and try their cannoli!

        1. As arleady mentioned, you could get decent cheesesteaks and Amish fare at the Reading Terminal Market Great breakfasts at the Dutch Eating Place too on Wednesdays through Saturdays. There are so many dining options there that are all inexpensively priced so you could eat there more than once.

          Adjacent to the market is Chinatown with inexpensive buns and pastries.

          1. I concur with all the recommendations for Reading Terminal Market. The fresh soft pretzels in the Amish section of the market are not to be missed. The market does have its own website and often has special events in the summer. It's closed on Sundays, so best to plan your itinerary accordingly.