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Fredricktown, Mo- the Pig out on OO

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I had a light repast there today and thought it completely chow worthy. Their specialty is pulled pork served a few different ways. The "Brown" is the outer edges of the pork butt, sort of like burnt ends, served on white bread (that's all that's offered and that's a good sign). And there is the "Mince"
,(shredded as you might guess). And there is the "Regular", (pulled but not minced and not the outer meat) and finally the "Combination" which has some unfortunate cheese on it. I recommend the Brown with double meat and sauce on the side ($3.80). It's sit-down and very cool. They said it was due to be torn down for a road project. Very sad. St. Louis chowhounds-make the 2 hour drive down there and try it out. There's no Q' in St. Louis anyway. And you can visit Elephant Rocks and the ecological disaster once known as Johnson Shut-Ins.

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  1. Thanks for the review of The Pig; my mother-in-law was from Fredericktown and had good comments about the place...