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looking for dolmades recipe like....

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....the ones I had yesterday from Los Olivos (CA) Grocery. They were silky and more fully-flavored than any I've had or made.

I tried to see what was in them: long grain rice, tons of pine nuts, and something that appeared to be currants....they had a slightly sweet flavor (the currants?) and no acidic edge at all. The pinenuts had been pre toasted and that added immensely to the great flavor.
I saw this recipe and it sounds close. I also like that it makes a smaller amount of dolmas or dolmades.


(Does anyone know if these can be frozen?


Now I'm going to have to make excuses to go back to Los Olivos just for the dolmades (and all the other goodies they had--what a great deli!!)

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  1. sounds like a turkish-style recipe, judging by the currants. i'd also add some chopped fresh dill.