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Aug 12, 2006 10:16 PM

Rice Cookers

I've been looking at various brands of rice cookers and it sounds to me like Zojirushi is considered to be at the top of the list, but are also the most expensive. Today at Costco I saw an Aroma brand cooker that looked like it has the same functions as a Zojirushi fuzzy logic model (even looked similar) but this was only $29.99! Then at Mitsuwa they had several Sanyo fuzzy logic models. I'd appreciate any opinions and recommendations from fellow chowhounders. My wife and I like to eat a lot of rice - mostly the Japanese-type but also jasmine, basmati and we'd like to have more brown rice, too. Is it worth spending the extra bucks on a Zojirushi fuzzy logic model? Thanks.

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  1. Yes. Costco "look alikes" seldom deliver. Zojirushi products deliver. If you plan on using it as often as you indicate, you'll appreciate the quality.The pricier Japanese-made models are worth it, kinda like Japanese-made Nikon gear is better than the Thai- or Chinese-made stuff.

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      Thanks for the reply. It did seem pretty odd to me that it looked very similar to a Zojirushi but was about 1/5 the price. I also noticed on the Zojirushi boxes I saw at Mitsuwa that the pricier ones prominently say "Made In Japan" on the box whereas the cheaper ones say nothing. Do you think there's that much difference among models from the same manufacturer? Being made in China used to be a sign of low quality (as did made in Japan many years ago) but a lot of very good audio stuff is made there now so maybe the same with rice cookers (strictly the Zojirushi brand, though)?

    2. I also recommend the Zojirushi rice cookers. My parents had one (made in Japan) and it has worked well for many years. In my own household now, I have the Neuro Fuzzy 5 cup cooker (also made in Japan). I couldn't really speak to the Japan vs. China difference, but my parents seemed to believe strong that the ones made in Japan are superior. Perhaps it's just a bias that isn't tied to any concrete evidence? Hope you find one you like.

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        ditto! Mom felt strongly that the ones made in Japan were superior... we have the 5 cup Neuro Fuzzy at home (downsize from the 10 cup since everyone is moving out) and I bought the same model for my 1st college apartment :D

      2. I've had my Zojirushi since college--for about 10 years. That's the brand my family always uses, and my parents make rice every day.

        1. Zoji and Zoji only for me, both for rice cooker and bread machine....

          1. national aka panasonic is very good too. I've had my fuzzy logic unit for about 10 years now.