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Aug 12, 2006 10:15 PM

Most underrated in Park Slope?

Curious to see if anyone can help identify any places in Park Slope (or in the vicinity) that a) get an undeserved bad rap or b) get little attention on this board but are noteworthy? Should I really stay away from Sette or are the naysayers right? Was anyone else as surprised by the quality of food at Bar Toto as I was? Are there any hole-in-the-wall places that get little mention that deserve more traffic? Are Kitchen Bar or that bbq place next door on way-south 5th worth the trek for me? Any and all opinions welcome.

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    1. I wouldn't bother with Bar BQ, the food is pretty bad. KitchenBar though, is a fun place to hang out and they have a new chef, so the food is good too. I tried Bar Toto when they first opened and thought the food was good, but a year later I went back and it was awful. Maybe they're on the upswing again. I'll give it another try. Two places that get little attention here but are worth a trip is Miriam and the Red Cafe, both on 5th Avenue.

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        I agree, Red Cafe is underrated. 4 of us went there and were suprised at how good everything was.

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          what kind of food is Red good at? any more info?

      2. I'm very fond of the Chip Shop. I like my fish-and-chips with several bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale on the side. Their curry is pretty tasty as well.

        1. I am a HUGE fan of Miriam. Excellent brunch and very nice dinner. Have eaten there many times and it has always been consistently good.

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            Can you tell us a little more about Miriam - what sort of dinner items they do well?

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              Miriam does really good fish- the menu changes a little, so
              offerings vary, but our fish has always been good. I had once a fab herb and octopus salad, but haven't seen it again. They have this really nice giant shrimp over balck rice and fava beans. And a wonderful mediterranean salad with avocado and g vegetables and feta wrapped in grilled eggplant. The meal comes with wonderful flat bread and pickles and olives.
              Brunch is really good. My fave is the Israeli breakfast,w hich is eggs your choice, with israeli salad (tomatoes, cucumber) plus haloumi and pita. They also have this fried dough thing served with eggs and harisa and pickles. More standard omelettes are also good- I like the one with mushrooms and thyme, and my husband enjoys the one with smoked salmon. They also make good challah french toast. And fresh o.j. And at $8 it's a really good deal.

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                "They also have this fried dough thing served with eggs and harisa and pickles."

                Ooh, ooh! That sounds like malawach, which I used to love at Rectangles. I'll have to give it a try.


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                I was not impressed with Miriam. I had some sort of fish dish, which was totally forgettable. It wasn't bad but very bland and I have not returned since.

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                  I haven't eaten at Miriam's, but they used to have a half-priced wine night on Mondays and Tuesdays. Don't know if they still do that, but it's a great way to have a drink and a snack or desert.

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