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hello fellow chowhounders --- i am looking for good recs for places to eat in hollywood/near hollywood - any and all cuisines and definitely some interesting places. I live in the area and haven't gotten to explore any of the food there and always find myself driving out to the westside for dinner, sick of it....where do I go in Hollywood? Gimme ur suggestions!

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  1. Try Fred 62 at 1850 N. Vermont. It's a pretty chill atmosphere and the food is nice and not expensive.

    1. Here is a post from just over a month ago that can link you to a few places, mostly modestly priced.

      Also, Dakota in the Roosevelt Hotel, Social Hollywood in the former Hwd. Athletic Club building, Lucky Devils, Ammo, Geisha House, Memphis, Les Deux Restaurant, BlackSteel, Cafe des Artistas, Musso & Frank, Vert, Off Vine and Hungry Cat might add a few to your list of potential dining options.

        1. Wow, lots of good places.

          Many of us on the board love MUSSO & FRANK’S, though it certainly has its detractors. Stick to the salads (The Caesar in particular) and grilled items such as the filet or the amazing pork chops, and you will be fine. Oh and martinis, of course. Thursday is Chicken Pot Pie day, theirs is excellent, though it needs salt and pepper to make it perfect.

          I am a big fan of VERT at Hollywood and Highland, though they recently changed their menu and I have not tried some of the new things. They have about the best Hollywood Bowl Boxes in the city.


          There are two very good, albeit expensive, steakhouses in Hollywood, DAKOTA at The Roosevelt and STERLING just west of the Arclight, behind Amoeba. I have been to both a number of times (Steaklover here) and I lean towards Sterling. CITIZEN SMITH is a great place to have drinks but the food was pretty underwhelming.


          Some Chowhounders had bad experiences at MEMPHIS when it opened. A friend asked me to take her for her birthday a few weeks ago and we had a terrific meal. I am from the south and am also Cajun, so I am picky about such food, and we both really enjoyed the food and the wonderful old house in which is it situated.


          MAGNOLIA, just east of the Arclight, is also very good. It is moderately priced, one of the few places in LA open very late and they have a solid menu and the food is very good.


          There is the Hungry Cat, north across the street from the Arclight. Terrific cocktails and food. I love the lobster roll and though I have not tried it, the Pug Burger gets many rave reviews.


          I know a lot of people who love Off Vine. I am not one of them – it’s not bad, I just haven’t been bowled over by it – but I seem to be in the minority and it is a lovely space.


          I like the food quite a bit at THE 101 COFFEE SHOP, made famous by the movie Swingers. It’s in the bottom of the hotel on Franklin, just east of Vine. It is also open late.

          And of course, the is ROSCOE’S CHICKEN & WAFFLES, on Gower. If you have never had it, you have to try it. It’s a strange combo that works beautifully.

          1. Another one of my favorites is ARA'S on melrose just east of La Brea. It's this middle eastern place and they have this delicious rice that's the best i've ever had. Also, their beef kabob is so satisfying. It's not in Hollywood but my favorite Ethiopian place is called MERKATO on fairfax just past San Vicente. Try their Zil Zil tibbs.

            1. I just had dinner Friday night at Pane e Vino and was reminded again at how wonderful it is here...My veal chop was perfect (after having experienced two fairly dismal veal chops recently at Ca Brea), with a crust that had me lapping every crumb off the plate...and start with the artichoke, served with a cheese, bread and tomato stuffing that is a combination of flavors unlike any artichoke stuffing I've ever had...I think the veal chop which was a very nice size was only $24 and came with roasted red potatoes and a veggie, very reasonably priced for the quality and portion size. There are lots of choices on the menu to make everyone happy....so while this isn't exactly the "heart" of Hollywood, close enough at Beverly Blvd. and Sweetzer.

              1. How about La Buca? Excellent italian on Melrose at Wilton. But make reservations! It's a very small place. They are expanding next door, so go before they get too big for thier own good.

                1. Albano's and Mr. Damiano's for LA's best NYC style Pizza.
                  Jar, Vert, La Terza, Chameau, and Norman's are all favorites.

                  1. skooby's for hot dogs. (hollywood/las palmas)

                    1. I realized I forgot one of my favorite regular haunts...Tidal Wave in the Gower Gulch strip mall on the corner of Sunset & Gower. Large portions, reasonable prices, excellent food, the soups are fantastic, and they serve lots of veggies so you can have a healthy, reasonably priced meal. And they almost always give you a free dessert with the check.

                      1. Bowery, for their hamburger and sweet potato fries. They do have mac and cheese there also, but I wasn't that much a fan of it. But their sweet potato fries! So heavenly!

                        1. thank u all for the great suggestions, i think i have LOTS of new places to check out...anyone know any more mid priced to low priced places in hollywood as well, let me know, more for like a quick bite, i am gonna be busy eating now...thankzzz all!

                          1. There's also Marouch which is just east of Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd and Edgemont in Little Armenia. It's my favorite Lebanese/Armenian joint in LA! Reasonably priced, looove the items off the Meza menu, they have the best hommous around!