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Are a chowhound even when you are sleeping?

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Last night I dreamt of food. I dreamt I made a chocolate cream pie using ginger snaps. Does anyone else dream of food?

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  1. I once made a stew of lamb and fresh (khalal) dates that came to me in a dream.

    It was perhaps the worst thing I ever cooked.

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    1. Yes, I had a dream one night that laid out before me was a buffet table loaded with beautiful looking desserts and pastries. It was a dessert lovers fantasy and I could eat as much as I wanted of any of it!

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        I have that exact dream every once in a while. Sometimes I get to eat the yummy sweets directly from the table, and other times I try to put them on a plate, but end up dropping them. I'm pretty sure the former means something good, and the latter is just...bad.

      2. I dream about food every night while I sleep and most of the day as well. I live food, think food, work food, play food, and occasionally eat it. Food is a major part of my life, and most of my friends lives. My family thinks they adopted an alien.

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          JMF, this made me laugh! I was adopted into an Italian family and while I don't look remotely Italian, I fit right into my family because food is a major part of my daily life, too!

        2. on our 1st wedding anniversary we had reservations for gary danko in SF. i made them 2 months ahead of time, so i had lots of time to think about it...which made me dream about it...which made me have NIGHTMARES! i dreamt the food was horrible, the servers were mean, lost reservation, anything that could go wrong, etc...

          1. YES...I dream of food, and most often of sweet flavors. When I was first learning to cook as a teen ager, I had a dream about a cheesecake that combined chocolate and cherries in a unique way. Of course I had to try and reproduce it, and sure enough it was a great cheesecake.

            Anyone with even an introduction to jungian therapy knows how important it can be to connect to what your dreams tell you, and if you are in a creative profession, there is an endless source of material there.

            1. When I do I seem to eat way too much of things I wouldn't normally eat. Just the other night I dreamt my music teacher was also a cake maker, & she offered me a delicious cake with lemon flavored frosting; the flavors were so vivid...

              1. Yes!! I often have wonderful dreams where I am at a cafeteria or buffet and the food is exotic and wonderful. Often there are fish and shellfish that I have never seen but look frightening, exotic and delicious all the at the same time. Also down the row of food include exotic sushis, various cuts of meat, ribs, tenderloin, ribeyes. Also my favorite chinese and dim sums.

                I usually wake up after I fill my plate but before I eat. It's very disappointing when I awaken and realize it had all been a dream.

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                  I've been at a buffet in my dreams too but usually I've filled my plate and I'm eating. It's REALLY disappointing when I wake up...sometimes I do feel stuffed though. Not sure why that happens.

                2. Yes, this happened last year to me, when I dreamed of a tomato-mushroom gelato, and generous chowhounds helped me make it come true; it's just about time now, with the good tomatoes we are having, to give it another go -- thanks for reminding me.

                  1. I used to dream I was alone in a wonderful French bakery and could choose anything I liked, although I usually woke up before I got to eat it.
                    Now I often have nightmares of being in Paris or some other chow-intensive city and not knowing where to go for dinner, panicking that I'm about to waste my only night in that city. I went so far as to research restaurants in Bangkok in case I ever had the dream again so that hopefully I would remember where I had chosen in my dream and could escape the nightmare part of it!

                    1. I used to think that i can dream anything...fantastic colors, people, places, feelings..anything can be dreamed more vividly than in real life, more pure, more complete, more direct than real life can ever be.

                      Until one day I woke from one of my many food dreams, which is usually one of visiting these night market food stalls with booths and booths of delicious looking food...and I realized that despite all the dreams I've had..I've never TASTED something in my dream!! I've only been on the verge of eating, or anticipating the taste...but never have I actually had the food.

                      It's a reason to live.

                      1. I had a nightmare the other week that I ruined a roast for a big dinner party and had no idea how to fix it.

                        A few days ago, I woke up at 6am (no alarm) because it suddenly occured to me that I should take something out of the fridge to bring up to room temperature. I went back to sleep, and my boyfriend freaked out when he woke up because he thought I left meat on the counter overnight.

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                          I've done the same thing, DH has asked on one or more occasions if I meant to leave the oven on or meat to defrost all night.

                        2. I work for an engineering firm doing drafting (hopefully just a temporary situation, but that's a whole other story!) and I once dreamt about recipes that were written as electrical diagrams! That says geek on so many levels, it isn't even funny!!!

                          My fiance also woke me up one time in a deep sleep, and I mumbled something about parmigiano reggiano! Yeah, I got teased about that one for a while!

                          1. Hmm. Unlike most of the responses, I dream about cooking food, not eating (or almost eating) it. And if last night's cooking dream is any indication, cooking dreams are happy ones for me, rather than food prep nightmares.

                            1. Funny this should come up today: early this morning (my best time for elaborate and interesting dreams) I was planning a banquet for a huge number of people, and trying to get the meat loaf (!) to come out even without its sliding off the table into the creek. I believe the solution involved parcelling it out into several different delivery trucks.

                              I never dream about eating, either - it's always the preparation. Pretty much the same with, ummm, any particularly enjoyable activity...

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                                ".. never dream about eating, either - it's always the preparation. Pretty much the same with, ummm, any particularly enjoyable activity... "

                                well...actually...other enjoyable activities have been had in a dream..often better than in real life. Eating though, for me, have not been experienced in a dream.

                              2. Yes...I have dreamed recipes. And they've all been good. But then there's this classic anxiety dream that surfaces from time to time: I'm helping to prepare an enormous holiday dinner for my whole family and many guests. Hours and hours of cooking. When everything's been carried to the table, and at last it's time to eat, I realize that there's no place for me at the table. I usually end up screaming at my mother in this dream. It's odd, because in real life I have a good relationship with her, and since I DO prepare, or participate in preparing large holiday meals, I wouldn't have any problem if there weren't enough seats. I'd just pig out in the kitchen!

                                1. Ok, this is a little different, but it cracked me up so bad I have to mention it. Several months ago, my husb passed out drunk on beer on the couch while I was cooking (that's another story)...I don't remember what I made, but I woke him up and handed him a plate...he got this big smile on his face and he said "we're the only hair metal thing that serves REAL food!" LOL first I must explain that neither of us is into hair metal. I have to wonder what he was dreaming about (he does talk in his sleep, and it's always funny).

                                  Other than that, I dreamt about hotdogs a few days ago, after smelling them the night before...ate way too many boar's head natural casing hotdogs the day after the dream and felt ill...

                                  1. A couple of nights ago, I dreamed that my mom (who passed away a few months ago) cooked dinner for me. In my dream, I knew that my mom was not alive. I savored every bite because I knew I would feel closer to her, savoring her soul in her food. Unfortunately, I don't remember what she cooked for me.

                                    1. I dreamed of being alone in a city I'd never visited, happily heading to a restaurant I had looked forward to trying. I was greeted by the chef and was seated at the chef's table with another unaccompanied woman. My dining partner was congenial and we were enjoying an interesting salad that had just been brought to us. All at once there was a horrible stench and I thought, "Oh no! She'll think I did that!" I woke up! No, I had not committed an indiscretion, but my gassy old dog, sleeping next to the bed, had! My husband and I still laugh about that.

                                      I just wish I had been able to stay in the dream long enough to finish the meal.

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                                      1. I read recipes and menus in my dreams, but cannot quite remember them later. Need to keep pen and paper by the bed to write them down as soon as I wake up.

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                                          You're likely to wind up with lamb-and-date stews that way! (see above)

                                        2. I wish I got more sleep so I could try out all these ideas. :-)

                                          Every now and then I realize that in dreams it is possible to have very vivid smell and taste sensations that have no connection to your surroundings. It's pretty amazing, actually. Maybe that stack of Saveurs near the bed is somehow having an influence.

                                          1. As a result of this thread, last night I dreamed that I was eating something and was thinking "see, I'm dreaming I'm eating something and tasting it, it actually is possible." I wish I could remember what I was eating, it was something pretty good, maybe some kind of chinese shredded thing with noodles...the result of the manhattan board (skyway)...

                                            1. I had a dream several months ago that involved various chowhounds whom I'd never met ....

                                              1. I don't remember ever once eating in a dream.

                                                1. Oh yes I dream of food.

                                                  Deep fried friuts in thick sweet batter.

                                                  Various forms of cake and melted chocolate perfumed with mint or rose.

                                                  I also from time to time dream of coffee. Roasting it, blending it, scooping big handfulls of warm beans and drinking large strong milky mugs of home made lattes. Which isn't unusual seeing as I roast my own coffee at home, and some evenings I go to bed with the smell of coffee in my hair.

                                                  1. My mom passed away last month. In her last hours (on pain killers) she was dreaming about all kinds of things. It was hard to understand her pretty incoherant ramblings (though I wanted to so badly). One of the last things she said to me:
                                                    She grasped my hand, her eyes lit up she smiled and said "Broccoli! hurray hurray!!" Then she slid away again.... she was a chowhound to the VERY end.

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                                                      Oh, my, very poignant post. I'm so sorry for your loss of your mother.

                                                      1. re: Babette

                                                        Thanks for your kind words. I miss her so....but she above all taught my brothers and I to love and search out and create deliciousness. She was a true Chowhound original.

                                                        "Broccoli, hurray, hurray!"

                                                    2. I dreamt last night of rows and rows of lemon tarts.
                                                      And *someone* was licking the top of each one!
                                                      "Oh NO," I thought in my dream, "he's going to lick MY tart! He's only supposed to have one!"

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                                                        My cat did this to our pumpkin pies one year at Thanksgiving, ate the middles right out of them, and no, it wasn't a bad dream!