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Aug 12, 2006 09:59 PM

Are a chowhound even when you are sleeping?

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Last night I dreamt of food. I dreamt I made a chocolate cream pie using ginger snaps. Does anyone else dream of food?

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  1. I once made a stew of lamb and fresh (khalal) dates that came to me in a dream.

    It was perhaps the worst thing I ever cooked.

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    1. Yes, I had a dream one night that laid out before me was a buffet table loaded with beautiful looking desserts and pastries. It was a dessert lovers fantasy and I could eat as much as I wanted of any of it!

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        I have that exact dream every once in a while. Sometimes I get to eat the yummy sweets directly from the table, and other times I try to put them on a plate, but end up dropping them. I'm pretty sure the former means something good, and the latter is just...bad.

      2. I dream about food every night while I sleep and most of the day as well. I live food, think food, work food, play food, and occasionally eat it. Food is a major part of my life, and most of my friends lives. My family thinks they adopted an alien.

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          JMF, this made me laugh! I was adopted into an Italian family and while I don't look remotely Italian, I fit right into my family because food is a major part of my daily life, too!

        2. on our 1st wedding anniversary we had reservations for gary danko in SF. i made them 2 months ahead of time, so i had lots of time to think about it...which made me dream about it...which made me have NIGHTMARES! i dreamt the food was horrible, the servers were mean, lost reservation, anything that could go wrong, etc...

          1. YES...I dream of food, and most often of sweet flavors. When I was first learning to cook as a teen ager, I had a dream about a cheesecake that combined chocolate and cherries in a unique way. Of course I had to try and reproduce it, and sure enough it was a great cheesecake.

            Anyone with even an introduction to jungian therapy knows how important it can be to connect to what your dreams tell you, and if you are in a creative profession, there is an endless source of material there.