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Aug 12, 2006 09:43 PM

Clams in Los Angeles

Where is the best place to buy clams (ideally little neck) in LA? Any one have a seafood market or spot to recommend?


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  1. Fish King in Glendale on N. Glendale Ave., north of the 134 Fwy. or Santa Monica Seafood would be the first two suggestions you should check into.

    1. Quality Seafood has many varieties in live tanks. I've seen littlenecks every time I've been.

      I once had steamed Irish clams that were littleneck sized, but especially sweet and tender. If they have those clams from Ireland, get some for sure.

      Writeup w/ photos on my blog, here:

      Quality Seafood
      130 International Boardwalk
      Redondo Beach

      1. Most of the big Asian markets have live clams - usually Manila clams, but sometimes geoduck and little neck as well - for a lot cheaper than Fish King or Santa Monica Seafood.

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            BTW - any good asian markets you can recommend? I'm close to K-town... Could pick up some short ribs while I'm there.

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              California Market and HK Market on Western are pretty good. They've got an excellent fish counter in the supermarket in the big shopping plaza at Olympic and Western as well. The best Asian markets are in the San Gabriel Valley - The Ranch 99 in San Gabriel Square and the Hawaii Supermarket across the street from it (corner of Del Mar and Valley Blvd.) are incredible.

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                Thanks - the one on Western is very close. I'll check it out today!

          2. For future refence, I adore the Clams Manilla and Butter Clams (although they refer to them as little necks) at 99 Ranch. They keep them in a tank with clean water and I've had an almost 100% open rate each time!!! I wish I could say the same for the pricy clams I bought at SM Seafood! :P


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