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Aug 12, 2006 09:31 PM

Wineries in the Dordogne / Perigord

Planning a two-week walking tour of the region next June. Plan to be in Sarlat in the middle so could start or end in Bergerac, Périgueux, Rocamadour. Any notable wineries worth a detour?

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  1. My husband was working in Gramat for several months over the last few years - I'll ask him which wineries he liked best. I went out there for a few weeks this June and last July and didn't get to any myself, I did get to some spectacular restaurants in Quercy, particularly between Rocamadour and Figeac.

    Are you doing the Promenades des Gourmands hiking tour? If so, the Relais des Gourmands was our home-away-from-home and the cassoulet is excellent!

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        So my husband recommends Clos de Gamot near Payssac:

        Clos de Gamot
        château du Cayrou
        PRAYSSAC, 46220

        He said there's not much in the way of wineries north of Cahors, though, at least east of A20, although there are good places that make other alcohols like vin de noix and eau de prune. For visiting wineries he stuck to Cahors and weekend trips to the Loire.

    1. Just outside of Bergerac you will find Vignobles Lajonie. A wonderful family run winery. Here is the web site: We stopped there last September. They don't see many Americans in that part of France. The setting is beautiful, at the foot of Monbazillac. Enjoy their wide range of wines including some wonderful Monbazillac. Their shop also sells some locally made pates.