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Aug 12, 2006 09:29 PM

DiFebo's lost its touch or just a "bad" night? Review.

With recs from this board and friends, we went to DiFebo's. We had to wait, even though we had a reservation. We were then seated at a table and left there. Many minutes passed before we even got a menu. More time passed. Finally, some water in our glasses. Since we had no one to give a drink order to, we all drank our water. Or, at least tried to. The water had a very weird taste. When we finally got a waitress and told her, no apology, just a "oh, someone probably poured water into a dirty Sprite pitcher...happens all the time." Not a good thing. When we were finally able to order, I ordered the garlic-crusted fish of the day, which was halibut. Others in my party ordered the lobster ravioli. The order took almost 1/2 hour to arrive, but we figured they must have been short-handed or understaffed or something. My halibut was overcooked and dry; the lobster ravioli had a cold center. All in all, not a pleasant dining experience.
The waitress kept pushing appys (we had a big lunch and did not want any appys)...saying the ravioli is a very small portion and we should really order appys. Trying to pad the bill for a larger tip? Who knows. We only know it was a very disappointing dining experience and it's doubtful we'll want to give DiFebo's another try.

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  1. I had a similar experience with their service. Its like after tens of years they don't care anymore. We had to wait a half hour over our reservation time, another twenty minutes to order, another thiry minutes for our meals. We asked for the manager and it was like he didn't care, barely an apology, no offer of a compensation. Last time I will go there, other than for take out subs for lunch. Even then, Al Casapula's kicks their butt in that department.

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      We live not far from Difebos and have frequented them often. We've notice a marked difference this year. Last year's fall menu wasn't updated for this summer until mid July which was unusual for them.
      We also had a bad experience 2 weekends ago. We had made reservations for outside seating, told there would be no problems. When we arrived we were told they were booked for outside and it woud not be possible. We ate inside but the outside seating was only half full during our whole dinner.
      We were served ice tea in small wine glasses because they were "running low" of regular glasses. Bread had to be practically begged for and then came unsliced, one coffee spoon for 4 coffees. Just a whole evening of poor service.
      I think we'll be waiting till they get their act together before we return (if at all).
      Something is definitely going on at Difebos! Lack of interest by owners???

    2. I live near Bethany and used to frequent DiFebo's. I echo the comments of the other posters-mediocre food and worse service. In Bethany, try Sedona or Blue Coast-each has great food, good service and, unlike DiFebo's, no attitude !

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        Please...where are Blue Coast or Sedona? We go to OC, Maryland each year and usually end up in Delaware, as there are many more restos that are non-touristy. Do they have websites? I'd like to put them on next years' trip list!

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          Blue Coast on Rt. 1 one mile past the town of Bethany on the left, can't miss it.
          Sedona in the town of Bethany one block north of the main drag, next to the post office