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Aug 12, 2006 08:51 PM

grand vefour

Warning! Michelin Guide unable to separate cuisine from ambience.
Grans Vefour may be a beautiful restaurant, but the current cuisine is anything but. Sammpled 16 dishes there including several we sent back (overcooked fish), warm white wine

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  1. , and being told that this was "standard". Also, no non-smoking section as required by French law. This emperor-chef has no dishes.

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      Could you give us some further description of your meal and why it fell so short of three star expectations? Details are interesting.

    2. I went to Grand Vefour last year, and was very underwhelmed. My fish was overcooked and served barely warm. One of my dining partners had a poulet de bresse which was totally unremarkable, and the others had a veal chop, also not amazing. I'm not saying our meal was bad, but I think that for the price you're paying, you're entitled to a really stellar meal.

      I also have an issue with the service. Although there are all sorts of waiters and captains fussing around, they aren't well coordinated. For instance, many of dishes arrive before the special sauce that is supposed to be served on them, so you're waiting 5 minutes while your food is getting cold on your plate before another waiter brings the sauce and spoons it. I love the theatrics and fanfare of fine dining in Paris, but I get annoyed when restaurants can't pull it off.

      1. Ate here a decade ago and was turned off by the snobbery. No particular recollections about the food that long ago.

        1. Sorry that you had bad experiences. Daughter and I went for lunch two years ago and had a fabulous time. Very small, tables close together, in a jewelbox setting. We had great service, and lots of patience with our very poor French. For those who love dessert, the fixed price lunch is the ultimate in dessert. In addition to a cheese course, you have multiple dessert courses (sorbet in between courses, chocolates, cookies, petit fours, main dessert) plus they added to the leftover mini desserts in a box to take with us. Folks next to us ate sea urchin and said that every time they go to Paris they eat there. I was hoping to get into Le Grande Vefour when traveling on last minute trip to Paris next week but no go--but did make reservations for Sensing, his new restaurant.

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            Wow, I am very curious about Sensing. I hope you will post a review, with photos if possible. I am starting to get my Paris longing, which gets really bad about once a year.

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              John Talbott just wrote a glowing report on Sensing in the Egullet forum.

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              When will you be going to Sensing and please post your comments as I too have a reservation for later in September. Thank you for your comments

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                If Senging is "his" new restaurant "his" meaning the chef no wonder GV was so poor, he is abandoning his oversight there to launch the new one. Tells me about his management skills: not very complimentary. Besides, the food was VERY poor. taste, plating, ingredients were all lacking, and more.