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Aug 12, 2006 08:33 PM

catering options for Yorktown/Norfolk area?


We're planning a fall wedding in the Yorktown area from afar, with the generous assistance of relatives in the area.

We're hoping for some suggestions for catering (40 or so people) and/or the rehearsal dinner. (My chowhound search didn't turn up any recent threads.)

Good food is the goal, but it's a relatively small family wedding (with the reception in a backyard, weather permitting) so it doesn't necessarily have to be fancy. In fact, with our grad student budget it probably can't be. Someone has suggested a good barbecue place for the reception, although she hasn't yet passed on the name.

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  1. Maybe your friend was thinking of Pierce's BBQ in Williamsburg. I've never been but seems to be a local favorite. Don't know if they cater at home but have you looked into some off-site catering? We had a "pig-roast" for my husband's 50th in April. We used Mobile Pig-Nic caterers out of Virginia Beach. They bring the cooker to your home and roast in the back-yard. I know they do weddings. Everyone loved it and they have a varied menu. They can dress up the serving line according to your needs and the kids got a kick out of watching Mike cook the pig on premesis. You mention in your other postings a price range. We paid 9.99 per person for the pig, a couple of extra # per person for the chicken and he provided all soft drinks for an extra dollar or two per person. All sides were included and he altered the usual sides for me because my family does not like the usual bbq sides. We had string beans and roasted potatoes. All left-overs were given to us. Prices varied depending on the number of people. We had around 100.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks, njtransplant--we'll definitely add them to the list! [Although we're wondering how much attention we'll be paying to the ceremony with that great smell of pork wafting through the air. :) ]

      The rehearsal dinner will be smaller and his parents would prefer something nicer, so River's Inn and 99 Main are possibilities.

      We're also considering restaurant options for the reception, so if you have any suggestions (esp. seafood or anything with broad appeal), we're all ears! Are there good options perhaps a step down from 99 Main that could handle a group of 50 or so? Most of the highly-praised seafood restaurants I've seen recommended on the board seem pretty casual (e.g., Surfrider). What do you think of Blue Talon Bistro and Carrot Tree Kitchens?

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        Sorry, tigerella. I'm really not that familiar with that whole area. I've really only eaten in Williamsburg with the family. When we've been up that way, we drive around until something looks like it could be good and we take a chance. I'm sure your relatives will be a bigger help. Good luck and congratulations.