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Dinner in Key West

We will be spending 3 nights in Key West in a few weeks and I was hoping for dinner suggestions. Though money is not really an issue, I was looking for interesting places more than fancy ones.

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  1. If you want interesting try Santiago's Bodega, Alice's or 915. I think if you Google any of those you will find a website describing what they offer.

    1. rickey's blue heaven in the bahamian district should be part of any key west jaunt. good brunch too! lunch and dinner rock as does the best wine list on the island...

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        Blue Heaven is great! But only really for brunch or breakfast. Yes, the wine list is fab but its only because the owner Richard knows his sh*& about wine. Save BH for breakfast or brunch. There are better places for dinner.

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          I think their dinners are awesome! Tuna Tataki, Lobster in a Buerre Blanc sauce...!!! Steak served up in a redwine demi glace. I never had a better meal anywhere in the Key's with the exception of the Square Grouper on Cudjoe key, and I am not sure it was better-just surprisingly good. And you are 100% right, Richard at Ricky's Blue Heaven aka Ricky does know his poop when it comes to vino...his list is the best by far in the Conch Republic. Brunch and Lunch are great too! Kudos for that fact as well!

      2. If you really want a once in a life time experience, make reservations at Little Palm Island for Sunday Brunch or Dinner (any night) and ask for a table on the beach. Again, google this and you will find lots of info.

        1. Another one while I am thinking of it is El Siboney. Wonderful Cuban cuisine you won't find anywhere else.

          1. Just had dinner Friday night at Pisces...Divine! Everything was excellent! Best steak I have ever had and I have had a lot of steaks. I had the following items:

            Pisces Aphrodite Appetizer: Lobster, Shrimp, and Sea Scallops baked in puff pastry with Lemon Tarragon butter

            Surf & Turf: Filet Mignon in Madeira Truffle sauce. Maine Lobster Tail + Pan Roasted Sea Scallop in Truffle Butter

            Dh shared a couple bites of his chocolate fondant which was amazing!!!! Anyway, this was our first visit to Pisces and we are definately going back!!!! I also highly recommend Michael's which was my favorite until Friday night. Michael's serves a ton of food whereas Pisces has french size servings. For Italian, Mangia Mangia is excellent, but it is a very small place. It gets crowded and the staff won't think twice about asking you to hurry it up. Not my style, but the food is very good. I will second Alice's. That is my favorite lunch spot on the island. Meatloaf sandwich is to die for! I would stick with breakfast at Blue Heaven. Very, very good.

            1. My dinner suggestion would be Michael's - one of the nicer restaurants in town - away from the tourists on Margaret St.

              Mangia Mangia is very close and makes their own pasta. We like their outdoor patio/garden area on the side.

              For drinks, again in a non-touristy spot, check out Finnegan's Wake. The food is decent. Call it the anti-Irish Kev's.

              If you're in mood for barbecue, try Meteor's off of Southard. Wasn't as impressed the last time, but still had a good time.

              I second El Siboney's for lunch (wouldn't go there for dinner). We asked a local for the best Cuban food in town and they sent us here and it was great. We live in Tampa so we've eaten Cuban food more than a couple times ;)



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                Oh good. Now I have a Tampa food reference!


              2. Go to Cafe Marquesa.
                This is hands down the best dining I have tried and i have tried a lot. It is upscale yet relaxed. The wine selection is superb and every dish...every single dish amazingly good. I visit now just once a year and Marquesa is always on the agenda.
                Their little hotel is tops as well. Very secluded and lush/plush and the service is impeccable.

                I have read all the other rec' here and most are good. everybody's all about Siboney and I eat there too but usually for a big (heavy) lunch as I prefer to "dine" in the evenings on my all too short trips to Cayo Hueso.

                The concierge at Marquesa will also have excellent suggestions for dinner spots according to your required tastes at the time.
                make reservations tout suite!

                1. Pepe's is a good choice - good food, varied menu, good drinks, lots of atmosphere (it's Key West after all).