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Aug 12, 2006 07:44 PM

Where to eat tonight in Downtown Los Angeles?

Can anyone recommend a place to have dinner tonight in downtown LA? I'm taking an old (but not that old!) friend out, so I'd love a place where we could enjoy some great food and wine and talk. I'm not looking for a scene. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. Checker's across from Water Grill, which isn't a bad idea either.

    1. Water Grill for great seafood. If you like clam chowder, you may love this one with whole clams in a delicately flavored broth (not thick, but delicious).


      1. ZUCCA might be a good choice. I have not been in a while, but the three times I went last year, I really liked it. Great pizzas and pastas and actually one of the best steaks in town:


        Also, in Union Station is a very cool restaurant called TRAXX. Very good food and a wonderful atmosphere, sitting in what might be the most beautiful building in LA (perhaps tied with the Bradbury Building



        If you don't mind going slightly west of downtown to Koreatown, many of us on the board are big fans of TAYLOR'S STEAKS. I am definitely a regular:


        Also downtown is LA PRIME STEAKHOUSE on top of the Bonaventure. Not the greatest food in the world, but it is solid fare and the view is tremendous.


        And finally there is THE WATER GRILL, amazing seafood and service. One of the better restaurants in LA.


        1. Sadly, according to some recent reports, Nic and Stephs has lost some of its appeal. I did so love this meat palace for a long time. Sent friends very recently, they were disappointed.
          OH, how about Pacific Dining Car? Still good, not GREAT, but good. You will be able to linger as long as you want, and service is always impeccable. Just west of downtown Los Angeles.

          1. i know you mentioned wanting wine, but what about a mexican place - la serenta di garibaldi just east of downtown:

            1842 E. First St. (bet. Boyle Ave. & State St.) Boyle Heights, CA (valet behind restaurant)

            otherwise, the water grill is the best restaurant downtown. patina too, but it is even more expensive. fwiw, my husband tells me pacific dining car is NOT good.