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Aug 12, 2006 07:41 PM

Best Beef Noodle Soup in LA

Anyone know some good beef noodle soup places in LA? I've been to several places and here is what I think about them. if you've been to these places and have better recommendations, please let me know.

Here is how I rate my beef noodle soup...
1) Broth - broth is very important to me, I'd rather have good broth and not so great noodles. The broth makes the beef noodle soup. Good broth is essential. Should be hot, spicy, deep in flavor, never too salty, and zesty. With every spoonful of the broth it should make you want to take another.
2) Noodles - hand made noodles are usually better, noodles should have a chewy consistency, never soggy or too soft. Noodles come in all shapes in sizes but should require a little bit of chewing.
3) Beef - should be tender and fall apart, fat and soft tendons are never a bad thing.

The gold standard in terms of beef noodle soup for me that isn't in taiwan or china has been, of all places, Noodle Asia in the Venetian Hotel in Vegas (I know there is probably better out there). They have perfectly spicy and pickly broth and good noodles and tender beef. However, beef noodle soup should not be $14, the bowl should not be that small, and the best beef noodle soup should not come from a casino in Vegas.

Heavy Noodling (Monterey Park)- interesting "pigs ear" handmade noodles, didn't care for the broth. The handmade noodles reminded me a little too much of Korean dduk. The broth should have been a little stronger to balance the abundancve of starch in the bowl.

Mandarin Noodle House - average broth, average noodles, average beef... just average but not bad

Noodle King - Place is a kind of whole in the wall place. It's in the same strip mall as the Lee's Sandwiches in Alhambra. Out of the few places that I've gone, this place has the best broth. They give you a side of preserved/pickled veggies that add a nice zestiness to the soup. However, the noodles are average at best, not handmade. You'd think that Noodle King would have good noodles. All in all, this is my current favorite place to get beef noodle soup because of the broth. If only the noodles were handmade.

Beacon - Beacon doesn't have a beef noodle soup and isn't your traditional place to get soup noodles. However, I'm adding it because i feel that the braised pork belly noodles reminds me of beef noodle soup. The broth is very tasty but at times a little too strong. The braised porked belly is delicious. The noodles are pretty good. This would be my top replacement for beef noodle soup if I didn't eat beef.

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  1. I haven't been to any of the above (Dai Ho is the one I've been to in SGV several months ago), but I have had the real deal in Taiwan. For me, Sue's Kitchen in Torrance has one of the best versions. Excellent broth, though the noodles could have been a tad firmer on my visit.

    1. dai ho kitchen on las tunas, is hands down the best beef noodle soup in town. get there during lunch hours or else it may be closed.

      1. If you like Japanese style noodles or ramen, try Chabuya on Sawtelle in West L.A.. It's a small noodle shop right on restaurant row north of Olympic.

        Noodles - As far as I can tell, they are freshly made and cooked perfectly. Not too chewy, and not too soft. The Chabuya Classic is my favorite -- noodles, pork broth, and a slice of Japanese style pork chashu. Add some spicy sesame oil, an it's delicious!

        Broth - I have only tried their pork broth, but it is very very good. I believe they also have chicken or vegetable broth.

        Price - Very affordable -- you're looking at around $6.75 to $8 for a bowl of noodles, and you'll be pretty full when you're done.

        Miscellaneous - I recommend sitting at the noodle bar at the back of the restaurant with the open kitchen.

        1. not to make this a ramen topic... but i think my two favorite places for ramen are Santouka and Shin Sen Gumi. I used to frequent ramenya and asahi on sawtelle. Went back there after Santouka and Shinsengumi and had a hard time finishing a bowl. Is Chabuya any different?

          Thanks for all the recommendations. I'm always open for more.

          I definitely have to try Sue's Kitchen. Was going to try to go there this week but missed my chance.

          What is the cross street for Dai Ho? Las Tunas and ????

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          1. re: sumo10

            The beef noodle at Dai Ho is overrated. I, too, am unable to find a bowl comparable to the one from decades ago at old Chung King in West Los Angeles.

            Dai Ho: 9148 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City, CA, (626) 291-2295

          2. It's not Taiwanese, but I've had a beef ball noodle soup at Ruen Pair whose broth is completely delicious.

            Ruen Pair Restaurant
            5257 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
            (323) 466-0153