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Aug 12, 2006 07:03 PM

Morton's vs Ruth's Chris

Had dinner at Morton's last night, and were reminded of why we like Ruth's Chris so much better. My bone-in ribeye was tasty, but tougher then even that cut usually is. The plates were not at all hot - evidentally Ruth's Chris is one of the few steakhouses that seems to think this is important, and Chicago Magazine went so far as to mention, in their review of another local steakhouse, that it would be nice if the plates were hot.

We also like the ambience better at Ruth's Chris than at Morton's. The sides and appetizers are more to our liking (we like the occasional Cajun item on the Ruth's Chris menu), and the drinks are better. One thing we noticed that Mortons had that we liked - the chance to choose a fine cigar from a cigar menu, and enjoy it in the bar (haven't noticed if Ruth's Chris has jumped on that particular bandwagon).

Of course, all this commentary applies only to our local (Chicago) Ruth's Chris, and the original Morton's on Rush Street in Chicago - we have never eaten at any of these chains' other locations. So I'm wondering - how many others feel this way? Any opinions on these two chains?

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  1. I agree with you. As far as chain steakhouses are concerned, Ruth's Chris is better than Morton's. In addition to the comments you shared, I also found that the after dinner drink selection and dessert selection was a lot better at Ruth's Chris. (My experiences have been at the Hackensack NJ Morton's and the NYC Ruth's Chris).

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      i too perfer ruths chris to mortons, but i must say the side dishes are better at mortons then ruths chris.

    2. It's funny that you say you like your plates hot because a lot of steak eaters don't like the meat to be served on hot plates or skillets because it tends to cook the meat more as it sits. I think I read about one poster requesting a room temperature plate at Ruth's Chris so that he/she could transfer the steak to it to avoid further cooking.

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      1. re: Humbucker

        It's really hard for me to believe that a hot plate will cook a steak to any discernable degree (we're not talking 250 degrees here) - I've never noticed it happening, but we always order our steaks rare, so maybe a slight further cooking on the bottom surface goes unnoticed. All I know is that at Morton's the plate soon was cold - which was very unpleasant.

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          I have never had a steak cooked properly at Ruth's Chris. I like it rare and my steak is always at least medium or medium well. I hate that. I

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            Actually, the plates are 500°. So yeah, the steak can cook up a bit.

        2. I don't like Ruth's Chris because I don't like butter on my steaks.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            that's like saying you don't like Baskin Robbins cause they put nuts on their sundaes. Just ask for no butter for pete's sake. So typical...

            1. re: Because I Say So

              Everything at Ruth's Chris tastes like butter. If that's to your liking, great. Personally, I think there are better places to get steak.

              1. re: Trice

                I disagree. Their products are excellent, and do not taste like butter. You must have this butter thing in your mind. You can always find some place better, but their meat is the best you can buy.

                1. re: irwin

                  Perhaps the Canadian locations are different?

                  1. re: irwin

                    I love it that they cook in butter at RC, precisely because you CAN taste it (and smell it--I love the smell of the butter rising up off that hot steak! YUM!). I've eaten at only two of their locations, LV, Nev. and Del Mar, Ca. Maybe they don't use so much butter at other locations...?

            2. I hate Mortons, terribly overpriced and overhyped. They dont know how to cook a steak. I don't need a scorching hot plate, but I've noticed that they serve their steaks on a cold plate. After several tries, I'll never go back.

              1. Foodwise, I'd always thought that the Ruth's Chris in DC was far better than any Morton's I'd been to, until I went to Morton's in Philadelphia on Xmas eve. However, the DC Ruth's Chris still has the better atmosphere--very cozy and kind of rustic, like a spooky little castle.